Sunday 1 September 2013

So much to see - if you just look....

A few weeks back I read a post over on Liska's blog and she really inspired me. She had posted a picture of her beloved Aaron and then described all the things she could see in that photo and it really got me thinking about how often I really look at photos in detail.  I don't is the answer.

Then yesterday I was looking through some photos from our recent New Forest holiday and I came across the one above and I really looked at it for quite some time and was amazed at what I saw. Yes on the surface it is 3 kids on a stony beach but when you look closer and know those three kids, you see also -

*  Miss E who has changed and grown in confidence, this little girl is happy to run to the sea with gusto and get her shoes wet. As she turns, smiles and shouts 'Mummy come and see' I realise my baby is no longer a baby but still she wants me involved in everything she does. I'm her best friend she tells me and we will live together forever. I doubt it but its nice to feel so loved.

*  Miss M who is maturing beyond her years. She is learning caution, empathy and self-control. This little girl is starting to like the rewards of good behaviour and is enjoying playing the role of the good girl but still she struggles with her natural exuberance, the desire to do it first and to be liked. My tall and lean little lady who loves to move, dance and jump about - there is something active she will really excel at but we are yet to find it.

*  JJ as he lags behind and keeps an eye on his girls, happy to go up and join them to show them how stone skimming is done. 'Keep back' he calls, conscious of his role as the big brother, the protector. My little boy is no longer so little and he is maturing into a young man that I find I really like, someone who is good to chat to and is very helpful. he takes his responsibilities seriously and I glimpse the man he will one day be, someone like his daddy, someone who won't let you down.

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