Thursday, 22 March 2018

24 Hours in London - Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

This week I'm dedicating my reasons to be cheerful post to a great 24 hours last weekend spent with my Mum in London, belatedly celebrating Mothers Day. We've done this the last few years and it is a really nice treat to look forward to.

We start the weekend off with me heading over to meet Mum at Waterloo and enjoy a good cup of coffee at Costa, of course having a right old natter to catch up on what has been going on since we last spoke. The weather is then far too nice to head down to the underground so we walk along the South Bank and take in the street performers and the great atmosphere on the way to Westminster tube station.

There we pick up the tube to go to High Street Kensington as we are staying in the Holiday Inn just off the High Street and only a few minutes walk from the tube station. It proves to be an excellent hotel and I'll write up a review, even though I paid for it as my Mums Christmas gift.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Importance of Spending One-on-One Time With Your Children

If you invest in one-on-one time with your child when they are young then you will build your relationship and their trust in you for when they are older

Every parent wants to have that joyous bond with their child. One where they are both respected as parent and cherished as friend. I think one of the keys to that closeness and developing a special relationship that will last a lifetime and weather the storms is spending intentional one-on-one time with each of your children.

Now before you start telling me that you have six kids, no money and your partner works away from home, this doesn't have to be expensive or too time intensive.

Yes, of course you can have those kind of special times too. Both my girls chose time as their main Christmas present this year, so during February half-term Miss M will go away with my husband to London to see a show and stay overnight. Then a few days later Miss E will go away with me to see my Mum and stay in a great hotel with a pool. We will all have the most amazing time I'm sure and in doing so we cement our relationships further.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Yippee, Its National Slime Day Today! Glam Goo Deluxe Pack Review

Well who knew there was even such a thing as national slime day? I certainly didn't but it seems fitting for this year as my girls love to make slime and there is always a collection of tubs of the gooey stuff on our side.

When I asked the girls if they wanted to have a play with Glam Goo for National Slime Day they were thrilled and said yes straight away, as we make tons of white and coloured slime but good clear slime is a much harder make and that is what comes with the Glam Goo Deluxe pack. The RRP is £22.99 but to be honest it seemed to mostly be selling for £29.99 at well-known toy stores such as Argos and Smyths Toys.

In the Deluxe pack you get the clear Glam Goo in a pink storage case, 3 sprinkles, 2 colour pigments, a scent and of course the glamorous slime storage handbag and ring. The girls love it that you can mix and match all the sparkles and colours to make lots of different small batches of slime and as you can see in the handbag below, they really are very pretty.

The bag has a pink cover that goes inside it to ensure it stays air-tight and the slime lasts. We have had ours made for a couple of weeks now and I find you have to play with it to warm up the slime a little but it then still has good stretch. If you try to do it too quick, it does snap a bit.

My girls have done a full vlog review of the Glam Goo Deluxe Pack. Why don't you take a look at their video and see how they got on?


And if you fancy making your own slime then do head over to YouTube and have a look at our Easy Homemade Slime playlist.

Disclosure: We received 2 packs of Glam Goo for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest. 
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Thursday, 15 March 2018

A Week of Reasons to be Cheerful

Home sweet home and the sun is shining!

It's time for our weekly dose of cheerfulness and I am feeling a lot more like myself than I did last week. Sadly my lovely aunt passed away, so I'll be heading to her funeral on Tuesday but I'm so thankful she is no longer in loads of pain.

Here's my week of cheer -

Thursday - I had a good session with the little boy I coach through the charity TLG. Then in the evening I headed to Tesco whilst my girls were at Guides and I got a new coat for the Spring. It is raspberry coloured and I love it.

Friday - We headed out for a meal for my friend Annie's birthday and the food was exquisite. I had a chicken breast stuffed with spiced lamb and spinach and coated in a mild curry sauce with pomegranate seeds, sultanas and sunflower seeds.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Super Lucky to be Here: Happy Mothering Sunday #isurvived

JJ, my boy who made me Mummy

Happy Mothering Sunday Friends. I wish every woman out there an amazing day, be she a mother herself or a mother figure. This day isn't only to be celebrated and enjoyed by those who have given birth it is also for those who selflessly offer their heart and soul loving others in the way a mother often does.

This is the 16th Mothering Sunday that I have celebrated. Of course JJ isn't actually that old yet but my hubby bought a card from the bump (AKA JJ) back in March 2003, seven months before he was even born. I remember being so thrilled to receive that first card and some flowers (if I remember rightly) as it was the start of my maternal journey, having thought previous to this that I might never have children.

I do remember feeling very special when I was pregnant but I had quite a lot of sickness for the first few months and I just looked extra fat rather than glowing with a perky bump. I did then get about four good months with JJ just before he was born but then stupidly I decided it would be great to have him in September rather than October, as was his due date. So I cleared and cleaned the house and then started to gut the garage. I remember I worked like a Trojan and it was very satisfying, well up to the point when I saw my midwife that afternoon and she started to worry about high blood pressure, excessive oedema in my ankles and belly, and protein in my urine.

Yes, it turns out I had pre-eclampsia. I've no idea if all my 'nesting' added to my getting this condition but it surely didn't help it and I was taken off to the hospital that evening for monitoring and a scan. It was decided that they wouldn't let me go too much over my due date and thus I was booked in for an induction on 3rd October 2003 when I would be 40+2 weeks.

Whilst my induction with JJ was a bit of a debacle and took me quite some time to emotionally recover from, I am still enormously grateful that we have the NHS in this country and that when JJ's heart rate kept decelerating, I could have the C-section without any delay. Then when the spinal blocks and epidural didn't work, there was an anaesthetist on hand who was able to give me a general straight away. Luckily JJ was fine and he hadn't swallowed any meconium as was feared and over the next few weeks I healed too.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Sunset Scooting at Bexhill-on-Sea

Bexhill beach

Isn't it good to break out from the norm sometimes? During half-term we grabbed my husband out of work early on the Friday afternoon and dropped JJ off so he could go away for an adventure weekend with our church. Then the rest of us headed down to my favourite local seaside town, Bexhill-on-Sea for some fresh air and exercise.

bexhill sunset

girls scooting on bexhill prom

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy Thursday - Seeking Out the Reasons to be Cheerful

I love the ice fountain but am happy it is now about 10 degrees warmer and has running water again

It's been a funny old week. I've had moments of elation and others of almost despair. However nothing is massively wrong with me, so please don't worry but I think the news that one of my aunts is terminally ill is having a real impact on me. She is the most lovely woman and I only found her about twenty years ago and haven't even seen her that much but I just knew she was there and we spent a lovely couple of days together last year when she came to stay. I'm really hoping I can organise to get up to see her very soon. Whilst prayer is great, it isn't quite the same as seeing her in the flesh.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a cheery post, so I'm going for some quick-fire reasons to be cheerful:

1.   I love streaming TV. I know it may sound a naff reason but the US box sets do make me so cheerful. I'm particularity loving Netflix right now, we just started to watch Quantico. Everything sucks was an easy watch and I'm getting into Riverdale too.

2.   I've got some new paid work doing social media for the conference centre where I live. It's only short-term initially but it is something I used to do on a voluntary basis a couple of years back and I really enjoyed it, so I'm glad to get back to it and be rewarded for it too.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Beautiful Silver Child's Locket from Molly Brown London: Review

Have you heard of Molly Brown London? I hadn't until last week but now I am so glad that I have. Molly Brown London is a British high-end children's jewellery brand established in 2006 and upon its launch it was dubbed ‘Tiffany for girls’ by VOGUE Magazine. I can certainly see why, just look at their packaging, if you changed the beautiful pink and chocolate brown packaging to robin egg blue it could easily be mistaken for the iconic brand. No wonder it is widely accepted as some of the best in the business.

The founder Erica Illingworth believes that “A love of jewellery can be inspired at any age and hopefully indulged for a lifetime.” My girls really did feel very special from the moment they took their individual Molly Brown London bag out of the delivery box.

A piece of Molly Brown London jewellery might be the first taste of luxury that your little girl has experienced and what a wonderful introduction to the finer things in life. Don't think that it has to be super expensive though as the price for a beautiful necklace starts from as little as £30 and actually at the moment they have some amazing sale items for just £12, I'm definitely going to be picking up some gifts.