Monday, 18 September 2017

Without Me...

  • The kids wouldn't get up, ready and out on time each morning for school
  • They'd have to walk the 5 miles to school along the main road with no paths
  • No homework would get done
  • There would to no holidays organised or enjoyed
  • Planned family day trips would be sparse
  • Christmas and birthdays would pass by unnoticed
  • No one would receive a thank you, how are you or greeting card
  • Family members would never get visited
  • The bills wouldn't get paid
  • All the insurances would lapse
  • The family wouldn't have home cooked meals all together at the table
  • In fact there might not be any food in the house
  • School lunch bookings and payments would be forgotten
  • The house would be in disarray, things wouldn't get tied away until weeks later and the dust would build
  • Everyone would have to dress from the laundry pile
  • The kids would look quite humorous in clothes and shoes a couple of sizes too small, as nothing new has been bought
  • The items to go to the charity shop or dump would build up and up
  • All the regular dentist, doctors and eye checks would be forgotten
  • Everyone would look like a shaggy dog without any haircuts
  • Various charities would be one volunteer down  
Basically our family wouldn't function too well but I haven't written this to have a dig at anybody. My husband and I have moved to quite defined roles since we moved to East Sussex, its very traditional nowadays, he earns the family money (amongst other things) and I look after the kids and our home. However, if I wasn't around, hes a very capable man and he'd do it all.

I'm very thankful that I am able to be around for whenever the children or my husband need me. I used to feel so compromised when I worked out of the home and couldn't always make assembly's or open afternoons at school.

No, the reason I wrote this list is to remind ME of all the things I do, of the value I have to our family, of the input I make. All my life I have based my value on my earnings, outcomes and job title. Now I am Mum, who volunteers and earns under £5K a year, it doesn't sound so impressive.

But when I sat down and really thought it through. This is enough. I work a lot of hours each day keeping the house running, the family functioning and ensuring that the place where we all live is a home and not just a shell. And I enjoy it, yes on the one hand I'd love to have a paid job again, to gain that satisfaction of working and achieving goals and making a difference.

However the kids are now nearly 14, 10 and 10 and their childhood is whizzing past so I must enjoy this blessing of being able to be here. I still have another 30 odd years to work if I so wish. I have no idea where God will lead me in the future but He has wonderful plans for me and I just need to wait on Him and trust that right now is a season for being home and mothering my family.

Thank you Jesus for revealing this to me and helping me to be content right where I am. I hope you are content where you are too and if not, then maybe it is time to make some changes?

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

4 Clever Ways to Help your Child Sleep Through the Night

As a parent, you crave one thing more than anything else: sleep. All you need is for your child to sleep soundly. Here are four clever ways to help your child sleep through the night.

Peaceful Sleeping Child image from Shutterstock

Turn down the Temperature 
Did you know that you sleep better at colder temperatures? Research suggests that even insomniacs can sleep soundly when they wear cooling caps. It makes sense in that people are more likely to wake up and feel restless when they’re hot.

When your child is sweaty, they’ll wake up and cry. Who has to tend to them? Yes, it’s you. To avoid such problems, turn down your thermostat each night before bedtime. Your children will sleep more comfortably and they’re less likely to awaken in the night. You should even consider purchasing a smart thermostat, which will automatically lower the temperature at a scheduled time each evening.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Visiting Walmer & Deal Castles, Kent - English Heritage #CountryKids

Two fabulous English Heritage castles to visit in Kent. Great for a family day out, lots to see and learn and easy to visit both in one day

Back in May 2016 we took a few days as a family to head over to the Kent coast to explore Thanet. In general we had a lovely time despite some horrendous weather and our drive shaft snapping too!

Whilst we were there we visited Dover Castle, which is a truly amazing place to visit and somewhere I'd highly recommend. I wrote about our visit at the time - click HERE to read the full review. It really is a full day out for all the family and there is something for everyone.

To make the most of our family annual English Heritage membership (which we paid £69.37 for - it's always good to search online for a discount) we decided to also visit some other castles in the local area.

Deal Castle
Deal is an a great example of a Tudor artillery castle, part of a chain of them along this coastline. The external walls are still in-tact and you can see the really unusual shape of the castle. Our visit here was probably only about an hour as it is a fairly small site but as you can visit all of it the kids enjoyed being transported back and learning a bit more about this caste that King Henry VIII commissioned.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Yay for Socialising! #R2BC

Happy Thursday, I hope you're well.

All is good here but a bit quiet, as my girls have been away on a PGL activity holiday for the week. I really didn't expect to miss them quite as much as I am. It's been so quiet without them.

Right, I'm ready to share some highlights from my week and the things make me feel grateful and cheerful right now -
  1. I got loads of blog work done at the weekend and I particularly enjoyed looking back at our stay at Port Lympne Reserve. It took me an age to make my video experience of our stay but I'm pleased with it and will share it soon.
  2. Monday night once we had dropped the girls off, my husband, son and I went out to see Dunkirk at the cinema and then had an Indian meal together. I do enjoy spending time with those two, it is funny to see how alike they are.
  3. I spent a lovely few hours with my friend Krisha. We have agreed to meet regularly and to support each other in prayer and practically to help each other with some challenges we have. I'm super excited to see how this develops.
  4. We had an enjoyable Mexican meal with our pastoral group and it was good to get to know our new members a little bit.
  5. I'm back to coaching my little boy each week and it was fab to see him again. I've missed him since we last met in July.
  6. I've had a referral from my GP for gym membership. So I'm off today to meet a personal trainer and to see what they recommend.
  7. I've got on top of the housework with the girls being away this week, it always feels satisfying when it is clean!
I love this exercise, it really makes me look back at the week and see that it has been good. 

Come and Join In!

I'd love to read your Reasons to be Cheerful and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to join in -

1. Link up a post about something that is making you super happy/ grateful. It can be in this style or it can be anything you like - a recipe, a tutorial, a from the heart, a list - it's your blog, you choose

2. Add the #R2BC badge onto your post or blog so that people can easily find the linky and join in too if they fancy

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I'll stop by all linked up posts to comment and I'll share on twitter too

Wishing you an amazing week ahead. Be blessed, Mich x

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Review: Gtech AirRam Mk 2 Vacuum - I Love It!

For a few years my parents have had a GTech vacuum, first they had the upright AirRam and now they also have the handheld Multi. I've used both and love them and as such I contacted Gtech to ask if I could review the new MK 2 AirRam. Lucky for me they said yes, so I set about giving it a very through testing and as I suspected may be the case, I am in love. This really is the best vacuum I've ever used and considering that for quite a number of years my career was as a hotel manager with responsibility for housekeeping amongst other departments, I've tried out a fair few.

The Gtech AirRam retails for £199.99 (or you can buy a K9 model with added suction for if you have pets). I think the big selling point of the AirRam is how light it is, at just 3.5kg even my 10 year old's pick it up and carry it up the stairs easily. It is wonderful to see them willing to do their own cleaning as it is so easy with no cords to get tangled in too. It glides around the room like it is on rollers and the swivel handle is a dream to use as well, as you can be standing in one direction and vacuuming in another.

The battery can perform for an impressive 40 minute run time on one charge cycle, which takes about 4 hours but you don't have to have the battery fully charged to be able to use it, even an hour gives it a boast to be able to clean when you need to. I also like that the battery has 4 light sections, so you can see what charge is left.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

8 Top Tips for Enjoying your Stay at Giraffe Lodge, Port Lympne Reserve

Giraffe Lodge at Port Lympne Reserve, Kent is an amazing and luxurious UK safari experience for any couple, looking for a special time away.

Back in August we visited Port Lympne Reserve for the day with our children. We had a super day out and all the family enjoyed themselves. As we rode the safari truck we passed Giraffe Lodge (formerly know as Livingstone Lodge) and I fell in love. 

I just knew that I had to go and stay in one of the sturdy canvas and wood lodges so that I could get the full animal experience without hardly any other people being there. The thought of waking in the morning with the full view of the Romney Marshes and the first thing I saw being a Giraffe, Rhino or Zebra was massively appealing. 

Giraffe Lodge at Port Lympne Reserve, Kent is an amazing and luxurious UK safari experience for any couple, looking for a special time away.

Well, on the 1st September my husband and I were lucky enough to stay for a night to celebrate his birthday and we had the most wonderful time. I'll share a full review of our experience in another post once I have edited all the video together but for now I thought I'd share eight top tips for an amazing stay at Giraffe Lodge within the Port Lympne Reserve. 

I seriously can not recommend this experience highly enough!

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Brilliant Birthday at National Trust Blickling Estate, Norfolk

Blickling Hall is a fabulous National Trust day out

A couple of weeks back it was my birthday and of course that means I got to choose where we were going whilst on holiday in Norfolk. As soon as I knew where we would be staying I checked out the National Trust website to see what was close and came across Blickling, a massive estate nestled in the Norfolk countryside.

I have to laugh as every time I mention visiting a National Trust site to my three kids (aged 10, 10 and 13) they all groan and say ‘oh no, not National Trust’ and it's as if it has become a tradition. No-one will admit they want to go and then they all have a great time.

The Blickling estate is massive with nearly 950 acres of historic park and woodland, there are many trails that you can take around the grounds to take in many of the prominent features. The new multi-use path is suitable for pushchairs, adapted wheelchairs, cycles and of course walkers too. Dogs are welcome in this part of the grounds, although be aware of the free grazing livestock.

Blickling Hall is a fabulous National Trust day out

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Feeding Giraffes, Time with my Mum & Being over 40!

Happy Thursday friends.

Can you believe it is September already? This year seems to be whizzing by in a flash and I'd quite like it to slow down really! The weather also seems to have moved into Autumn and I am thinking of packing my summer clothes away.

My parents and Aunt have been to stay with us for nearly a week and it has been good to have them here. They've been babysitters for us so we could have a night away to Port Lympne Reserve and also visit the cinema to see The Shack. My kids really love their grandparents so it is always special for them all to spend time together. I love that JJ chose to spend the day with them when he had an extra inset day off school. Many near 14 year old's would just stay home instead!

Here is my hubby and I getting settled into our home for the night last Friday. Giraffe Lodge was an amazing experience and one we were so lucky to enjoy. I love how happy my husband looks in this photo.