Thursday, 27 July 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Scooting, Golf & Go Ape! #R2BC

We are on holiday with my parents and brother in Dorset this week, having left my hubby at home to work. The weather hasn't been great but we haven't let that affect us as it is still great to be away and of course the kids love being with their grandparents and especially their golden Labrador, Archie.

End of Term Treat
Even before we went, once school had finished on Friday, I picked the girls up for an end of term girlie treat, and we headed out for ice-cream milkshakes, signing up for the summer reading challenge at the library, scooting on their new Micro Scooter Sprites on the seafront, wearing their new school shoes from Start-rite (which will be their main school shoes from September), enjoying a fish and chip supper and finishing with some playtime at the park. We were out for hours and then when we got home I had to do the packing as we were leaving at 8am the next morning, lol!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scooting Adventures in their Start-rite School Shoes

This last half-term has felt like it was very long and we were truly ready for it to end. So finally when that last bell rang at school on Friday I picked the girls up for a few hours girlie time.

First stop, our local town Battle where we had some jobs to do ready for our holiday. Prescriptions to fulfil, keys to be cut, summer reading challenge to be signed up for and celebratory ice-cream milkshakes to be enjoyed! Miss M opted for a bubblegum flavour and Miss E white chocolate; I'm not much of a fan so I had an Oreo cupcake instead.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Quickfire Reasons to be Cheerful - Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays!

Good morning friends, how are you today?

All is good here, I am on countdown for the end of school and going away for a week to Poole/ Bournemouth from early Saturday morning. Hubby has to stay home and work but we'll have my parents and brother with us to keep us company.

In all it's been a good week and for this Reasons to be Cheerful post I'm going to do one of my quick-fire lists where I shout out about everything that is making me smile right now!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Celebrating Creativity with BIC Kids

BIC has been a name I've trusted since I was a child. It makes me smile to think back to when I was a young girl and my Dad was the local Unigate milkman, I used to love to go and help him deliver the milk at unearthly times in the morning and then collect the money on a Friday evening. What's that to do with BIC you might be wondering? Well it was all manual systems back then so Dad had a big leather covered book that he kept all his orders and payments in and about once every six months it had to be re-written as it would have run out of space and that was Mums job and the only pen she'd use to do it? You guessed, yes it was a BIC crystal biro. So we always had a stock of them in our house.

We still use BIC biros but nowadays you'd be more likely to see BIC Kids products around my house. One of my 10 year old twins, Miss E wants to be an artist when she is older, it's been her dream for a number of years now and I'm not seeing any signs of it subsiding. Even in her recent school report it was her creative work that she got outstanding marks for her.

So like a good Mum I have to encourage her to keep going and to extend her passion. She has an amazing eye for photography, makes beautiful beaded jewellery, is forever crafting bookmarks and I love her acrylic paintings too. Have a look at this montage of some of the pieces of Miss E's work displayed around our house. I think it is really good for all the kids to see their work on the wall, it helps to give them a sense of pride.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Just regular Life #R2BC

Happy Thursday friends. I'm on countdown to the end of the school year and thankfully we are nearly there. Six school days left and this last week always seems a bit of the fast as the kids are tired and the teachers are tired and not a lot of learning goes on but yet the Government insist the children stay at school!

But I shouldn't really start of an R2BC post by moaning, should I? I've titled this weeks post, just regular life as there is always something good we can find and Candi is our very own example of this.

Pool Party Fun
Over the weekend the girls and I went to a pool party for the children who are coached by people like me who volunteer for the charity TLG (Transforming Lives for Good). We had a wonderful three hours, with the kids all in and out the pool so many times I lost count.

Great Doctors
I'm so grateful for my GP, she is an absolute diamond and is really helping me to investigate my many ailments that I have at the moment. I left her office Monday feeling empowered and read to shift some weight. I am giving Orlistat a go to see if they can help me kick start things.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Guest Post: Islamic Family Traditions and Culture

Image Credit: Muslim Family Prayers from Shutterstock

We live in an increasingly multicultural society, so it is great to know and understand the traditions and culture of other religions. One culture that is brought over all the way from the Middle East is the celebrations and traditions followed by Muslims. Just as Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas, Muslims have an Islamic calendar with holidays to celebrate.

Educating yourself and your children about these traditions is a great idea to help you to understand the basic beliefs of Muslims. Whether your child is at school with another Muslim child, your neighbours are a Muslim family or you work with someone of that culture, showing an interest and knowledge of their culture can go a long way.

There are three main holidays in the Islamic Calendar; Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Many of the holiday traditions are commonly shared by Muslim families. Here are some of the exciting celebrations and fun traditions Muslims participate in during these holidays.

Moon Sighting 
The holiday dates for Muslims vary each year; this is because they are determined by a fully lunar calendar. For this reason, a sighting of the moon is a very important part of the tradition. A new born crescent moon is sighted to mark the beginning and end of a month – such as Ramadan. If the crescent is there then the festivities can begin and if it is not, they will begin a day later.

Monday, 10 July 2017

My Beautiful Mane - Where I find My Confidence

I think it is fair to say that every one of us has something about ourselves that we love or at least like. That character or feature is often the thing that gives us confidence and we can connect our identity with it.

Take me for example, my feature that I love is my hair. I've always thought of it as my mane and my crowning glory. I'm pretty sure if someone was trying to visually describe me to someone else who vaguely knew me I'd be the larger/ big/ fat (whatever word they might choose) with the beautiful blond hair.

As someone who is very aware of being quite overweight I am super glad to have my hair as a feature I can rely on and I never feel too fat for my hair. It is naturally blond and yes it has grown a lot darker as I've got older but I think forever more I will insist that I am blond even if others think I now have light brown hair <insert sad face>.

My hair is also pretty thick and has a gorgeous natural curl to it. Let me share with you one of my favourite pictures taken in recent years. That is me (the blond one!) with my lovely friend Clare in 2015 at the BritMums blogging conference and you can see just how happy and confident I feel there.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to make a New Parents Survival Kit for under £5

Last year some friends of mine were expecting their first baby and the Mum-to-be was quite apprehensive about having her first baby. She isn't the most confident of women but I just knew that having her babe would be the making of her. I wanted to get them a gift but there wasn't anything material that they needed and all I really wanted to do was give her something that would encourage her to trust her instincts and to realise she would know best for her baby.

I therefore came up with the idea of giving her a New Parents Survival Kit, full of reassuring tokens to symbolise all the wonderful times ahead and qualities that the new parents already have but maybe don't realise. As my friends are Christians, I created a Christian new parents survival kit but you can tailor the kit to any faith or none.

My friends loved this gift and it was so inexpensive to make that I am making more this year for other friends who are expecting babies.