Friday, 9 December 2016

Video Review: Samsung AddWash WW8500 12kg Washing Machine

You know the M&S adverts, "this is no ordinary sausage roll this is an M&S sausage roll" and all those kind of things? Well this washing machine that I have been trying out is no ordinary washing machine, it is a Samsung AddWash machine with ecobubble technology and digital inverter motor, it is the pinnacle of washing machines and for me becomes my number one brand for laundry appliances.

I've had a few Samsung products over the years and I have to say they have lasted well, we have a small TV upstairs that we have had for almost two decades and the girls have Tab2 tablets that have taken such a battering and they are still going strong. Samsung is a name I trust and will happily buy but I admit I had no idea they did large kitchen appliances and now I am keen to let the world know how good they are. I said this to my Korean friend Eun Keoung when she came for dinner the other night and she laughed and said 'of course, they are Korean'.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

#1GoodThing a Day for Advent - Week 1 Sunday Round-Up

Good morning friends, I hope you have great plans for today. I'm off to church where my hubby and I are on children's group this morning so that will keep us busy and then back home for lunch and a chilled afternoon. Christmas movie and some wrapping might be in order I think.

I've enjoyed the first week or Advent, it has been pretty low key for me, I've started a great colouring devotional called 'Words of Grace', been super busy at Food Bank, spent some time with the little boy I coach and put all the Christmas decs up.

You might have seen that I am sharing one picture a day during Advent with the hashtag #1GoodThing, this is my way of staying grounded during this crazy season and making sure I look for the silver lining, the one good thing. It is a simple gratitude project, I did it last year and it worked well and hence I am doing it again.

I opened it up for anyone to join in and a couple of fab instagrammers have been joining in regularly and then a couple of others just dipping in. I'd love it if more people felt they'd like to take part and there are no rules, just tag your image #1GoodThing and ideally check out others using the hashtag. I'll come and like/ comment on all participating posts.

Here is my round-up of my 4 favourite posts from this week -

find them. #Thismamaloves #ukparentbloggers #kcacols #coolmumclub #HighlightsofHappy #capturingtheday xxx #capturemypositive #1GoodThing #aftertheplayground
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A bit of an Advent theme going on there but isn't that just perfect?

Thanks for reading and joining in.  Have fun, Mich xx
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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Review: Leather and Canvas Personalised Holdall from Bags of Love

Oh my word, I am in love! Just look at this beauty that arrived this week -

Most weeks I receive an email from a company making personalised canvas prints or photo gifts and if I'm honest I groan a little as I have made so many over the years that I've exhausted the mug, mouse-mat, keyring, phone cover routes for gifts for people. I have to admit to being intrigued when Bags of Love contacted me though as they suggested I might like a personalised leather backpack and this was something quite different to anything I'd seen on the market before.

I headed over to their website for a search and what did I find? Absolutely tons of products that I have never seen personalised before - tea towels, blankets, duvet covers, wash bags, wallets, aprons, tea trays, bowls. I could go on and on as they have so many products to choose from and they all look stunning.

Yes, it really was gift heaven. My family are not easy to buy for as there is never anything they want, they are not material but what they all love most are their family, so personalised gifts with the grand-children's faces smiling out at them are just right.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Yay, Thank Heavens - Gizmo Saves Christmas!

I love a good Christmas advert, I have to admit it. I know some people hate them and are all bah humbug about them trying to encourage us to buy stuff we don't need but I say 'blah' to them.

One of the big markers that Christmas is arriving is the battle of the adverts. For me this year was being won by M&S and I even shed a little tear at their latest offering but for my dog-mad daughter Miss M the top contender was John Lewis with their trampoline bouncing pouch. That was until I showed her Gizmo.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing who Gizmo is, I hadn't heard of him either but he is Vision Directs mascot and boy is he cute. Just take a look at this adorable pug in action. Not content with melting your heart, he also wants to save Mr Cuddles the Cat and restore order in his town. I don't want to give any more away but just take a look -

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - Happy Advent!

As I prepared to turn my computer off last night at ten to midnight I suddenly realised that I hadn't done my Thursday #R2BC post and my heart sunk. Do I stay up and do it now or be sensible and go to bed? My sensible self won I'm pleased to say and off I went. I've now just got back indoors for the first time today and I realised I had better write my post straight away as some people might be waiting on me to link up but then boom, I realised it is December and thus the lovely Becky over at Lakes Single Mum is hosting this month. So there is my first reason to be cheerful!

Before sitting down to write this post I wondered what I might share this week. It has just been quite average and boring I pondered but actually I have a whole ton of reasons to be cheerful, lets go for one of my list posts. I know Rachel likes them!
  1. JJ went to a mates on Saturday for the afternoon and had a fab time. He seems to have found himself a really good friend since starting secondary which is ace.
  2. The girls and dh and I headed in Battle town for the start of the Christmas festivities, we enjoyed a Christmas tree festival at the church, craft fair, Santa parade and some yummy homemade cakes.
  3. Sunday I had an afternoon out with just Miss M and we enjoyed a massive burger together. it is so nice to have one on one time with each child.
  4. The girls have had their medieval banquet day at school so the costumes are done and the food finished. No more homework projects this year! 
  5. I got to have lunch out with dh as he was off work when the kids were at school. It was great to really catch up.
  6. Our car got washed, hoovered and cleaned inside. Believe me this does not happen very often.
  7. I have finished all the Christmas shopping, yay!
  8. I've started a fab colouring devotion for Advent called 'Words of Grace'. I am enjoying having a bit of time to just be and reflect whilst I colour in.
  9. I had a really good conversation with another blogger and she gt me thinking about a big project I started investigating a couple of years ago and then put down.
  10. There are no plans (I said NO PLANS) for this Saturday and can you tell, I am pretty excited about this? I feel like my to do list is never ending at the moment and this might be a chance to catch up.
  11. I have a new Samsung AdWash washing machine being delivered and installed next week and I can't wait as mine is so noisy and rubbish and I've never had such a decadent machine before, it is worth £1000 and I get to put it through its paces and review it.
  12. I've been offered a review holiday for next year. Our family were desperate to go abroad again after our wonderful first Spanish holiday this year so I pitched out to a couple of travel companies to see if they could help me and hurrah, one of them has offered me a holiday. Now I just need to find decent priced flights, which isn't easy in half term.
  13. I'm really enjoying my #1GoodThing a day project that I started on Instagram and Facebook. There has even been a couple of other join in which is cool.
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I do hope you've been having a good week. Why don't you link up with Becky and share....

 Mich x

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Shrek's Adventure! London - Our Review

Shrek's Adventure! London
Last Saturday the girls and I set off to meet our friends in London for a visit to Shrek's Adventure! This is perfectly placed by the London Eye making it easily accessible to many main line stations such as Charing Cross and Waterloo and the District, Circle, Jubilee, Northern and Bakerloo underground lines. We had booked our tickets online and this meant we had timed entry and didn't have to worry about any queues, result!

My family had visited Shrek's Adventure! when it first opened back in July last year (check out my full review from then) and we had a good time but there was one big niggle for us and that was the queueing internally. Well I am super glad to say that this issue really has been sorted out and it meant that we were in the attraction about 70 minutes, which is pretty close to the 75 minutes that the attraction advertise it as.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Join in with Me? #1GoodThing for Advent/ December

Last year during Advent I chose to relax on the blogging front and to express my gratitude for all the blessings I have in life by taking part in a visual record on Instagram and Facebook, sharing one photo a day with the hashtag #1GoodThing.

I really enjoyed it and it helped to keep me grounded and grateful during December and the run up to Christmas which can be a bit crazy, so I will be doing the same again this year and I wonder if you might like to join me?

My project will be for Advent, which is from Sunday 27th November through to Christmas Eve but if you don't celebrate Advent then your project could be for all December or the 24 days leading up to Christmas, just like an advent calendar but instead of a chocolate a day you get a blessing in the form of a photo and remembering just how wonderful your life is.
I learnt a long time ago that choosing to be happy and thankful is the major difference between living a contented life and longing for more, more, more.....
Of course things might actually be tough for you right now, I'm not trying to make light of that but I know from experience that lightening the load by focusing on something positive can really make a difference, so I encourage you to dig deep and join in.

I'm not strict either, I don't care about rules, so join in every day, some days or just once, whatever you fancy but any posts shared with #1GoodThing I'll like and comment on and then each Sunday I'll do a round-up of my four favourite photos from that past week on the blog here.

I hope this sounds like something you might enjoy.

Be blessed, Mich x

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Family Fun at London's South Bank

Everyone in my family loves the South Bank in London, there is so much to see and do there and what I really love is that much of it you can enjoy for free. I have to be honest and say I'm not entirely sure how far the South Bank stretches but I'm sure you won't mind if i mention some places that are beyond the remit of the South Bank. Basically it is all easily walk-able along the river.

Shrek's Adventure!
We visited here last weekend and had lots of fun, my review will go live on Sunday but you can read how we got on last year when we visited for the girls birthday. The niggle we found back then has been totally rectified so they are doing a good job. This attraction takes about 75 minutes to go round and it is like an interactive theatre show. Something really different to everything else available.

Other Merlin Attractions
You can buy super value combo tickets if you fancy a day of high energy fun and so many of the attractions are all grouped together in the same area of the Thames. There is the London Eye, Sea-life Aquarium, London Dungeon all literally next door to each other.
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