Monday 23 September 2013

My MAD Blog Awards

Selfie with Hayley

Friday morning my husband loaded the kids and I into the car and we set off to drop them at school, then next stop the train station where he gave me a pass out until Saturday evening. I was just a little excited to know I had 24 hours to myself and that during that time I'd be doing some lovely things and meeting up with great people.

You might have watched the live feed and you are sure to have seen many pictures on twitter, instagram, FB etc so instead of rehashing the whole night I give you my own alternative MAD blog awards -

Best dressed on the night
There is a tie in this category as the judge (me) can't decide if light or dark is the way to go. Both Helen (Actually Mummy) and Emma (Crazy with twins) looked stunning in their strapless floor length dresses and I was not even a tiny bit jealous (no, not me - not even a little bit) of the way they looked.

Proudest moment
Was of course watching the short film to introduce the outstanding contribution category with the seven other ladies that were at the awards, in my heart I held Ruth (Dorky Mum) and Kylie (Not even a bag of sugar) close and cried with the others as we realised what the power of Mum/women bloggers can do. Such diversity and passion. It is a privilege to take my award home and I will treasure it forever.

I do have to say this was a toss up though, as about 3.30pm I got a text to say that Miss E had got a headteachers award for trying really hard this week with her times tables. That makes me so happy as she is the one finding it hardest to settle into her new school. She thinks she is stupid as she has difficulty reading, it breaks my heart. I hope this boasts her confidence a bit.

Best acceptance speech
These awards were great as most people were shocked to find themselves on stage accepting an awards and all the mumbled 'thanks' and quick dashes off made me smile. One person stood out though for her very eloquent speech. Fiona (Coombe Mill) thanked Kerry for paving the way in her category of family fun and it was good to pay tribute to the awesome Multiple Mummy, no longer with us but with her Lord.

Best dinner companion
At pre-dinner drinks I said to Hayley 'Oh I hope I get to sit with you at dinner, you are such fun' and low and behold I did and how fabulous it was. You'll all know that Hayley is a diamond and such a genuinely lovely lady, we had a blub together, a hug together and I was proud to hold her hand as we went on stage for the outstanding contribution award.

Get to know you award
I have a few contenders on this one - I've known Becky (Baby Budgeting) online for a number of years now but you find that until you spend real time with someone you don't really get to know them. I loved having a 1/2 hour walk with Becky and some time at the awards to really chat. I hope to get to know you better again soon Becky.

Then we have Charly from PODcast who I shared a room with and she was my London guide helping me find my way around, we enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning putting the blogging world to rights over breakfast.

I also met Tom from The Future's Rosie and he won the best new bog award. I'd not heard of his blog before but meeting him and hearing Hayley talk about what a fabulous Dad he is, I'm now going to look him up and have a read.

Funniest drunk
I'm not going to share the conversation with you as I think she might be slightly mortified but let me just say that Fi (Childcare is fun) is the best drunk ever. Such fun and I bet she won't even remember she was chatting to me before she crashed on the floor for a sit down! I think Emma of Emma and 3 gives her a run for her money though as that lady likes a tipple but it is probably needed after the stresses of dealing with her youngst daughter having hip dysplasia.

Champion surfer
To add to the fun of the night we had a 'bucking bronco' style surfboard to ride and Filipa (Gourmet Mum) was the business. She rode that baby like a pro and even jumped from side to side as the waves got too much.

Amazing organisers
That Sally throws a bloody good party and this was probably the tops of all the events I have been to. The food was divine, the venue just perfect, Dr Ranj was a marvellous and funny host and even the strange Just Eat chef had me chuckling away.  Big, big thanks to Sally and Tots/ MADs team as well as Parentdish of course.

Best pillows ever
At nearly 4am I crashed into my bed at the Covent Garden Travelodge and I can tell you they shocked the hell out of me, as instead of flat pancake pillows which I have come to expect, I had 4 plump and divine pillows on the new Sleepeaze kingsize bed. Yes the room was a review and I'll write about it but there is no need for me to say anything in this post unless it is true.

So there you have them the alternative MADS, my night would have been perfect if my bloggy mate Seasider Clare had been there but I managed to rock it anyway!
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