Friday 30 June 2017

What's Going on with Photobucket? Info for Bloggers

So, like me you might be fuming at Photobucket right now. What are they playing at? Or maybe this is the first you are hearing of there being a problem, let me explain.

Photobucket have changed their T&C's as of 20th June 2017 without any notice
It is one thing to charge for a service, I think we all get that but quite another to literally overnight and without any notice to change your terms and conditions so that bloggers who have hosted images on the site for free for a decade are now being asked to pay $39.99 per month or $399 per year. Come on Photobucket, I had 14 photos on there that were hot-linked onto my blog and I'd have happily paid you a couple of quid a month but what you are asking for is ludicrous. It's not like I'm hosting thousands of photos or taking masses of bandwidth.

Yes Photobucket, I get that you are a business and you have obviously realised that the business model you were following is not working for you any longer. Fine, send your customers an email and give them a chance to pay or host elsewhere but no you decided to hold us to ransom and completely muck our blogs up. It is so unethical it is unbelievable. I truly think you have shot yourself in the foot, as everyone I know is leaving you now.

Thursday morning I started to get messages to ask if I had been hacked as this is what my blog looked like but no it was just Photobucket turning each one of my tiny subject header images into massive ugly black images, seven deep. You had to scroll for an age before you could find any content at all.

The Solution
Was I going to pay the Photobucket ransom?  Hell no. If they can't ask for a reasonable rate I'll just go elsewhere.

I went into Photobucket and downloaded the images that I needed. This is very easy but boy do the adverts drive you a bit bonkers as you try to navigate the pages. Just look through your library and then click on the image to open it. If it is one you have hosted elsewhere it will show with that awful black image but when you download it (bottom right corner), it will be your regular photo with your original image name.

Once you have all your images back you are then free to host them somewhere else. I now know that I can get the source code for linking from a draft post within either Blogger or WordPress.

So paste your image into a draft post (I called mine Image Hosting so I'll always remember what it is and not delete it) and then within the text tab (on WP) or the HTML tab (on blogger) you'll see the image code.

Once your image is there, the code will look similar to this and you just need the URL that comes after SRC="

You can then replace wherever you have the Photobucket image code with your new code and Bobs your uncle, no more ugly Photobucket black dial images anymore.

Linky Badges

As a Linky Host - If your linky badge is now broken, you'll need to create new code to use on your blog and ideally go into your old posts and change the code to the new badge (or just remove the old one) as at the moment that broken badge will be showing all across the blogs of anyone who joined in and took your linky badge, but sadly there isn't anything you can do to help this except apologise.

Joining in with someone else's Linky - If you've joined in with a linky and the badge is now broken and ugly on your blog post, I'd advise contacting the linky host and asking them if they will be continuing to use Photobucket by paying the fee. If they are the image will reappear and all will be fine. If not, you'll need to delete the badge as it will remain the ugly black image forevermore.

Whats the deal if you already had a paid account with Photobucket?
I don't know is the honest answer. There used to be the option to have a paid account for $2.99 a month and this made your viewing ad free and gave you additional bandwidth. It appears at the moment that anyone who was lucky enough to have subscribed to this before the T&C changes on 20th June 2017 are still get linking and 3rd party hosting rights. Will they change this? Your guess is as good as mine but if I was a customer I certainly wouldn't be trusting them after this stunt. My guess is that you'll get to your next renewal date and be presented with new terms but my only basis for that guess if their utterly abysmal behaviour in the last week or so.

Contacting Photobucket
They seem to be keeping pretty quiet on their public pages but they are answering DM's on Twitter and emails too. You only have to search Photobucket on twitter to see why they are keeping quiet, there are hundreds, or even thousands of very unhappy, departing customers!

Their email is and you can find them on Twitter or Facebook.

Closing Your Account
I am just about to do this. You go to Settings > Account and scroll down for > Delete my account and this will delete all your images permanently so make sure you have downloaded anything you want first.

I truly hope Photobucket haven't caused you as much faff and heartache as they have done me! Mich x

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The Savill Garden at Windsor Great Park - Any Good for Families?

Last Saturday whilst the girls and I were staying with my parents in Surrey we headed to The Savill Garden, which is part of Windsor Great Park. I wasn't too sure what to expect, nor if it would be a suitable place for my near 10 year old twins to visit but I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised.

Created in the 1930's this 35 acre park is just beautiful with eight distinct interconnected gardens - the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood, the Summer Gardens, the New Zealand Garden, Summer Wood, The Glades, Autumn Wood and the Winter Beds. Take a look at this short video to get a glimpse of what you might enjoy when you come to visit in the summer months.

Every season has its own gems and the real highlights from our visit were the Queen Elizabeth temperate house, the rose garden and the Royal Jubilee Garden. These were the places were we saw the best floral colour.

Now, I'll be honest with you I don't know a lot about gardening but I do know what I like, so this garden is good for amateurs with an eye for beauty like me and also those with a more focused interest on flora and fauna as there is a lot of information available if you are interested.

The girls really enjoyed the space and having lots of nooks and crannies to be able to run in and out of. There is a particularly fab tree by the rose garden that you can hide under the branches and the Hidden Gardens are great for a game of hide and seek or tag. Of course you have to remain respectful to the landscape but there are lots of corners to hide around.

Thursday 29 June 2017

Mums and Their Work - Is Your Family Flourishing?

family dinner outside

We are all aware of the age old debate about mums and should they be working? Out the home, in the home? Or not at all?

But how crazy would it be if we expected a women not to work just because she has birthed a child? Work isn't only something you are paid for, work is everything you put effort into and therefore as responsible adults we all have to work. Looking after your child is work, cleaning your house is work and being paid to man a shop or helping your elderly aunt are both work too.
Oxford English Dictionary definition -"Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result."
Each one of us is unique and this is just the way God planned it. We don't need to be jealous of the next woman because she can plan an Instagram perfect party and execute it with panache for twenty 5 year old's. Changes are it is part of her gifting - organisation, an eye for beauty and indulging her child are all things that build her up and she enjoys. I'm willing to bet that she isn't doing it to show you how wonderful she is. In fact I'm willing to bet she hasn't even thought about you!

Harsh, but true. We need to remember that we are the centre of our own tiny little world but we need to get outside ourselves and stop making everything about us. Let's think the best of our sisters, of all those other mums, who like us are probably just trying their best and muddling through however they can. When we build another woman up and support her she grows and that's really important. Just look at nature, when you grow green beans and you offer them a bamboo cane, they cleverly wind their tendrils around the cane for growth support and keep on flourishing. 

In the same way God extends His grace to us and that is something none of us deserve but it acts as a support framework to allow us to feel forgiven and able to grow. We all need to follow Gods example and extend grace to everyone we meet. Especially every Mum as the likeliness is that she already believes she isn't good enough.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

26 Fabulous Hacks/ Tips to make Flying Easier

Having recently travelled abroad with the kids and the peak summer season almost being upon us I thought it was high time to share some tips and hacks that I’ve learnt over the years and I also asked a few blogger friends to share their wisdom too.

Ahead of Time

1. Booking your flights

Use a site like Skyscanner to find the best flight deals and then head over to your chosen airlines website and book direct, that way you'll secure the best deal possible. I’d always say to void third parties if you can.

2.  Experts seem to agree that Tuesday is the best day to buy flights and that about 6 weeks before you travel is the optimum time to get a great deal. You have to have nerves of steel though, not sure I could leave my flights until that close to the travel date! Tuesday (or even Wednesday) is often the cheapest days to fly as well as it is away from the peak weekends.

3.  Have copies ready
Take photographs of all your important documents, keep a copy on you and email a copy to your at-home contact in case anything gets lost or you have a problem.

4.  Keep track of what you are spending
Download a free app like XE currency, so that whilst you are abroad you can easily work out how much things would cost in your local currency.

5.  Check out the airport lounges
Check out the deals available for day access to the VIP lounges. Why? Because many of them offer free food and drink and if there are a number of you requiring dinner it can work out really cost effective and you have a comfy area to wait too.

6.  Book your parking in advance
Shop around for your airport parking in advance. There are some great deals if you check the voucher sites or go via a cash back site like Quidco. Signing up for newsletters can also secure you a good discount for your first booking. I recently booked via Looking4Parking and got a great Meet & Greet deal through them.

Monday 26 June 2017

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for Adults - A Great Day Out


At the beginning of May my family headed over to Portsmouth to visit the Historic Dockyard and we had a wonderful day. It felt as if our visit was too short and with so many attractions in one place there wasn't enough time in one day to fit them all in. It wasn't a problem though as when you pay for entry to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard you get a whole years access for that one price.

I think this is an absolute bargain and if you are in the position to return multiple times it makes entry extremely cheap. When you book online an adult ticket is £28 and I think this is reasonable for a whole days fun, let alone a years worth. The prices are even better as a family and when we visited, our family of 5 was £60, that breaks down to £12 each, seriously good, right?

Funnily enough it was lucky I wanted to visit again as the community that I live in had planned a community day out to Portsmouth last week. So last Monday I set off in the coach with around 70 other adults for a day in Portsmouth and at the Dockyard. I was really thrilled to find that the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is as much fun (if not more) with a group of adults as it is with your kids. Whereas when I went with the kids the fun was focused on mast climbing in Boat House 4 and adrenaline thrills in Action Stations, it was quite different with my adult friends. Much more chilled and a great way to spend time together.

We were only at the Historic Dockyard for around five hours and again it wasn't enough for me. I'm already coveting my next visit and don't be fooled into thinking I am a naval freak or a history buff. I'm really not but the place is just so vast and diverse and it has captured my heart.

Friday 23 June 2017

Hastings Country Park - Fabulous, Fun, Fresh Air!

hastings country park

We've lived in East Sussex for four years now and we are only about ten miles from Hastings and we are there at least once a week so it was a real surprise to me to find that Hastings has a country park situated up on the cliffs.

What a great find it is and there is enough to keep every keen walker or explorer busy. The country park forms part of the Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve along with Hastings Cliffs Special Area of Conservation, Hastings Cliffs to Pett Beach Site of Special Scientific Interest and is 345 hectares (853 acres) of coastal gill woodlands, open pasture and cliff top grassland, together with five kilometres of dramatic soft rock cliffs and coastline.

hastings country park

Some of the most stunning views of the south east coast can be experienced from the cliff tops but sadly not on the day we visited as there was to much sunny haze! On a clear day there is spectacular views overlooking the coastline from Beachy Head to Dungeness and as far afield as Folkestone and the coast of France.

Monday 19 June 2017

Scottish Friendly's Money Saving Diary Challenge

It was with good timing that Scottish friendly got in touch with me and asked me to join in with their Money Saving Diary Challenge. Whilst I am so much better at being thrifty nowadays I know that there is still some money being wasted and I could do a better job.

So with this in mind, I kept a record of my spending habits for a week, so see where I could cut back or where I was already saving some money.  Here is how I got on -

We have just returned from our holiday and Hubby is still on a days leave so we decide to have lunch out amongst the washing and catching up on work.  The plan is to eat at the local college restaurant where you can get a really lovely 3 course meal for £9.99 and then use your Taste card too to get 2 for 1! It normally means we end up spending around £16 for us both for 3 courses and a soft drink.

However when I called the College restaurant they were closed and we headed off to a local fabulous burger joint and ended up spending £25.48 for our meal and thus I totally failed on this first opportunity to save money. I have a Taste card and local TownCity Card so I really should have used one of those and for a 2 for 1 meal - oh well, next time! Overspent by £9.48

On the way home we do go into Lidl though as I want to get the kids some yogurts and again I am reminded just how good their pricing is. I spend £19.79 and this is comparison to buying the same goods at Sainsburys is a saving of around £7, so I really must shop there more often. Saved £7

Sunday 18 June 2017

The Facilities and Services at Playa Montroig Camping Resort

beach costa dorada

This is the second part of a review of our recent holiday to Spain to stay at the Playa Montroig Camping Resort with Eurocamp. You can find post one here and that is all about our stay with Eurocamp and their fabulous accommodation and attentive service. This post is about the facilities at the Playa Montroig Camping Resort.

We arrived at the parc at about 1pm and received a friendly greeting from the Playa Montroig staff. They informed us about logging onto the wifi, gave us some information sheets about opening times and events taking place whilst we stayed and then sent us off to the Eurocamp reception. I was pleased to see there was a security guard at the gate and entry and exit barriers to monitor who was on the parc. If we had had a car with us we had a sticky permit to display for the duration of our holiday and we also had an identity card to prove we were staying there.

playa montroig avenue

Friday 16 June 2017

National Trust - Knole, Kent - Conservation in Action

knole header

Enjoying the Deer
Last month we took a minibus full of friends over to Kent to visit Knole. We headed over there as it is only £4 to park in the grounds and this gives you access to the 1000 acre medieval deer park. We knew that our children and all the young international friends we had taken would love the deer, so we packed up a picnic and took a drive.

knole deers

Of course, the deer didn't disappoint, there seem to be hundreds of them across the grounds and they are so friendly. There really isn't any struggle locating them because as soon as you park they are waiting right next door, probably hoping to snaffle a little of your picnic! But please remember not to feed them as the deer keepers ensure they have a good diet and also use your common sense when around them as they are wild animals, even though they appear tame. Autumn is the time to be really careful as it is rutting season and the males can be very hyped up.

Thursday 15 June 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Parents Evening, Tina and All Paid Up!

Evening all, It's getting late and I totally meant to write this post last night but you know what it is like, sometimes time just runs away.

I was tempted not to bother with this post but Becky had emailed me earlier to say she has a bit of an emergency and won't be hosting R2BC this week and seeing as I am sat here n a fug, feeling very grumpy, of course what I need to do is focus on the positives.

So here are my positives -

1.  We just had an amazing family holiday in Spain and I had a wonderful time and not only that but as soon as school is out in about 5 weeks I'll be off to Bournemouth with my parents and the kids for another holiday. I'm a lucky girl.

2.  I went to JJ's parents evening tonight following his report we received last week and there were no surprises there. He is a super bright boy, with a great future ahead. He just needs to stop rushing, put a bit more effort into homework and work on his empathy/ kindness. I need to set him some challenges over the summer months to help with this, do shout if you have any ideas!

3.  I'm off to the food bank tomorrow to volunteer and I always enjoy helping there. I am thankful that I am not in the position to need the help and grateful that I can do a small bit to make someones day just a bit brighter.

Monday 12 June 2017

Staying at Playa Montroig Camping Resort with Eurocamp

eurocamp header

You might have seen me excitedly sharing that we were off to the Playa Montroig Camping Resort on the Costa Dorada, Spain with Eurocamp and now we are back it is my pleasure to share with you how our holiday went. 

This is the first part of two posts about our holiday away, I've split it into a post about the Eurocamp accommodation and one about the Playa Montroig Camping Resort facilities and services.

Rather than leave you in suspense as to whether we liked staying with Eurocamp, I'll give you the headline quotes from my kids first and then get into the full review -
Miss M "where are we going next year with Eurocamp Mum? I love it! Can we try a new camp with even more pools?" 

Miss E "I've had so much fun Mummy, I don't want to go home but I'm so tired as I've had so many late nights!" 

JJ "I've really enjoyed chilling on the deck of our mobile home in the shade with my iPad. Oh and the pool is pretty cool too but does it have to be so hot in Spain?"

A bit about us
We are a family of 5, two forty something adults, a 13 year old (tech-mad) boy and near 10 year old twin girls. This is the first time we have ever taken a European campsite holiday. For the first 11 years of life with children we always holidayed in the U.K. and stayed at places like Butlins and Haven or hired a house in a seaside town. Then last year we took our first abroad holiday staying in a hotel and the kids loved the outdoor pools in the sunshine so much we wanted to do it again but we had found being in a hotel on a half board basis a bit restrictive and we wanted the freedom of self catering, hence trying out Eurocamp.

family eating outdoors

Friday 9 June 2017

Seeing my Feisty Girl through your Eyes #R2BC

Dear Sarah,

I want to thank you, sincerely. You had me worried for half a minute but then I realised you wouldn't do anything crazy and it was just great to really be able to see my Miss M through your eyes.

I've always said to anyone who'll listen that Miss M might not be easy to parent but she'll be the one to do something world-changing when she is older as no isn't a word she's scared of. But I think, to be honest when you have a feisty child it can wear you down and it is good to have a reminder of just how special they are.

It was obvious to all from the moment you met Miss M on our holiday that you fell in love with her, not in a bad way but you were just swept off your feet by her larger than life personality and outward confidence. You kept telling me she reminded you of you as a kid and it's funny if you ask my parents, they'll tell you she is a little clone of me when I was a child. I know you found that hard to believe as I'm quite reserved now and won't get up to dance on a whim but people change and mature.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

8 Unusual Gifts for Fathers Day and Beautiful Hallmark Cards

If your Dad is anything like mine then he is mega difficult to buy for. My Dad is the most wonderful man but there is never anything he wants and I'm sure for some people he would be a dream come true as he just tells me 'no need to buy me anything Shelly' but I love to give gifts.

The only things I know my Dad likes are a bar of Cadbury chocolate, some nuts, theatre tickets or a meal out and I've bought all these things a hundred times. Add to that socks, personalised frames, photo books, mugs, slippers and the like and that is him done for birthdays, Christmas and Fathers Day.

But I like Fathers Day to be special, it is the time when I say thank-you for always being there for the last 43 years. Thanks for coming out in the middle of the night to pick me up, thanks for bailing me out with my debt when I was at Uni, thanks for decorating my house when I was pregnant and thanks for having my kids when I need time with my hubby so the least I can do is get him a loving card and fill it with heartfelt words.

Then talking of my hubby, there is another difficult one to buy for. Like me with my dad, my kids also adore their dad and he is a really ace father - taking them away or spending one on one time, playing monopoly when they are sad and taking them to Cubs. The things he does for them are numerous and they want to say thanks too.

Of course the classic way to say thank you is with a card and Hallmark have a lovely selection at Tesco. They will be available right up to the day but try and be a bit more prepared and you'll have a wider selection to choose from. Take a peek at the ones my girls have chosen. Miss M opted for the 'from your princess' card (£2) which is very apt and Miss E's is really classy and had a tri-fold to it, spelling out Dad (£3). I'm loving the Hallmark range at Tesco as there is great variety and you can see the cards are quality with beautiful coloured or patterned envelopes to match.

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Review: Looking4Parking Stansted Official Meet & Greet

We've just returned from a week away in Spain at the Playa Montroig Camping Resort. We were lucky enough to stay there as guests of Eurocamp and this meant we needed to sort out all our own transport and transfers. In the past my husband and I have always travelled as part of a package holiday, so this was a first for us. Also last year on our first family holiday abroad we travelled from Gatwick as it is is the closest airport to where we live and there is a train straight straight from our local town where we could leave our car.

This year the best priced and timed flights I found were from Stansted and I wasn't really sure what to expect as the last time I flew from there was around a decade ago and that was only to Ireland. It sure has changed and for the better!

After a heart-attack moment where I got an email from Jet2 to say they had cancelled our flights but would happily swap us to another date (which in the end resulted in us travelling on a better day and saving around £1000 in air fares) I started to search for airport parking at Stansted.

I came across and they were giving me some really good prices, so I got in touch with their PR to see if they would like me to review their service and luckily for me they said yes as I needed to save every penny I could going away in the expensive school half-term.

Searching and Making your Booking
The search page was very easy to use and I love the fact that you can be really flexible in the amount of days you want and the drop off and collect times. We weren't flying until the Sunday morning but rather than worry about sorting the car before an early flight with the kids we dropped the car off Saturday evening and then used the hotel shuttle bus to get to and fro.

Once you have put your requirements into the search system you'll be given a whole host of parking options to choose from and of course the price varies with the service you receive. The official Stansted airport car parks tend to be more expensive than those operated by private companies and for me I think I'd always go with an approved one but from what I could see they all seem to have pretty good reviews.  I'd say do your research and see what it says on sites like a Trust Pilot and Trip Advisor and usefully the Reevoo scores are even shown on the Looking4Parking page with all the results.

I found the price was definitely better when booked with more notice, so I'd say get your booking in as soon as you know that you have a confirmed flight. We were offered the Stansted Airport Meet and Greet service to try out and I have to be honest I was a little nervous about this as it is not something I'd tried before.

The cost for parking for 8 nights was £61 and this was booking it six weeks in advance via Once my booking was made I received an email confirmation from Looking4Parking and this contained everything I needed to know and was nice and clear on what I needed to do when I got to the airport. 

The cheapest option that came up was the airport long stay car park at £49.99 and I think for the sake of £11 I'd definitely go for the Meet & Greet in the future as it is 2 mins walk from the check in desk. You literally could not get any closer.

I checked about a week before flying and the price had risen to £83 although there was a £72 option with no transfers/changes allowed.

Dropping the car off
Following the instructions on my confirmation email I drove towards the airport terminal and quickly saw the signs for Meet & Greet parking. I pulled into one of the lanes and automatically the buzzer started to sound as if I had called for assistance. Within a minute or so a lady greeted us and asked how she could help. I said I had a reservation and she took my surname and told me to proceed through when the barrier opened and one of the staff would direct me.

We drove through and could easily see Vusani on the other side. He was super welcoming as he greeted us, telling us to park in lane 2 close to the car in the front and then to head into the reception and drop our keys off and gain instructions about our car collection. As I thanked him and we finished our conversation he wished us Hakuna Matata, which means no worries! Once parked we headed over to Vusani to say hello and thanks for such a great welcome.

We then went into the reception area and were acknowledged straight away by Lamisi. He asked for our surname and located our papers which were ready on the side. He then checked all the details were correct and took our keys.

He gave us a card for picking up the car and it had a mobile number on it. He explained that if we were more than 1/2 hour either way of the specified collection time for us to please send a text. This way if we return early they can get the car out ready so we don't have to wait at all or if we are returning late so they know to store it. I asked what happened if our flight was delayed and we were really late, did we have to pay extra and he smiled and said of course not, which was great to hear.

We then thanked him for his service and said he'd been really friendly and helpful and I think we made his day as it was first day at work. I predict he'll go far!

In all we took about 15 minutes to drop the car, the keys and gain pick up instructions. It would be quicker if we didn't stop to chat and if we were repeat customers as we would have known what to do. Even my kids were bowled over with how easy and seamless it was.

Collecting Your Car
Once we had settled on the plane ready to depart from Spain our Captain advised us there was a backlog of planes waiting to take off and we would be at least half an hour late. I took this opportunity to text the number I had been given to advise them my plane would now probably land at about 3pm rather than 2.15pm. I didn't get a reply but it felt good knowing I was keeping our parking provider up to date.

Once we were back in Stansted and through baggage reclaim and customs it was close to 4pm when we arrived at the Meet & Greet office and as before the staff were all friendly and efficient. I was asked if I had a good holiday and given my keys back in exchange for the parking card receipt. I was told which zone and lane my car was in and off I went. I was in and out of the office in around 2 minutes and it only took another minute or so to walk over to the car. We were able to put our bags in and head straight off and it was so simple.

In Conclusion
Looking4Parking provided us with a great price for our parking requirement at Stansted and I'll certainly be using them again in the future. Their booking system was very easy and the actual parking facility fabulous.

We needn't have been nervous at all about using a Meet and Greet service and leaving our keys with them as we found the service superb. It was quick and efficient and there were so many staff about that I didn't see anything that made me nervous security wise.

Thanks so much Looking4Parking, I'll happily book with you again. 

Disclosure: I was provided with free parking for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest. 

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Monday 5 June 2017

Women's Plus Size Fashion made Easy with JD Williams

I hadn't heard of JD Williams until they got in touch with me and then all of a sudden I'm seeing their adverts everywhere and I have to admit that I am so glad I now know about them. As a larger lady I don't always find it easy to buy clothes that look good and suit me. I go into shops like New Look that do a plus size range but they are all trendy cut-away styles that would suit someone in their early twenties and then I look in M&S and I might see a few things I like but I can never find the larger sizes.

A Massive Range
Well now my problem is solved as JD Williams have the biggest range of clothes that I think I've ever seen and all available in my size. Their range is available from U.K. Size 12 to 32 and they are constantly making changes to ensure there is always the latest styles and something to suit everyone. As well as ladies fashions there is also fashion for men (again catering for the larger sizes), kids, homes and electrical goods.

When I first had a look round the JD Williams website I was a little overwhelmed with the choice but once you use the search filters to make sure you only see the items that fit your criteria you are left with a good selection of items that you could purchase. I was really pleased to see there is a whole range of price points too, some of the items are a complete bargain and it is definitely worth looking at their Outlet area on the site as there are dresses from £6, tops with up to 60% off and boots with up to 70% off, there is certainly something to be said for buying your boots off season!