Wednesday 18 September 2013

Meeting Mums, Family Walks & the MADS (#R2BC - week 38, year 3)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

As I sat in my children's new school PTFA annual general meeting yesterday I started to think about my reasons to be cheerful, not because I was so bored that I was driven to it but because I am feeling grateful for the PTA. Bet not many can say that!

The kids have now been at school for two weeks and I have only managed to speak to about four parents, one of which I knew already. I don't seem to be a natural at mixing on the school playground and it can be a lonely place. You know how it is, everyone seems to have their own friendship groups established already and I'm the norman no mates. But today I spoke to about another eight women and volunteered to be a committee member and it makes me feel happy to know I will be useful and that I can get to know these women better.

My next reason is that I had my Mum up to stay last week and it really helped me to feel at home here, I loved showing my new area to her and enjoying some time together. Then my Dad and brother came up on Sunday and put up all our mirrors and pictures and the house is really starting to look super, it most definitely is home, I feel very relaxed and content here.

We are definitely a bit more spontaneous here and when dh and I finished dinner at about 7pm and Miss E announced she'd like a walk out we said why not, we could do with some more blackberries for a pudding tomorrow night. It was lovely to spend 45 minutes out in the fresh air chatting about our day and bumping into some of the other people who live here. The volunteers were all getting ready for a bonfire but sadly it was after the kids bedtime.

My last reason this week is that it is the MAD blog awards this Friday and I'm getting a couple of days away in London. I'm really looking forward to sharing a room with Charly from PODcast, having lunch with Sally and a group of other bloggers who are arriving early including the very lovely Geek Mummy and Gournet Mum and of course attending the awards themselves, they are sure to be a glamorous and fun event if the last one I attended was anything to go by. I am a finalist in the outstanding contribution category but I hide no hopes that I will win, it is just super to be there and I appreciate every reader of this blog and how successful you have all made it.

Don't forget to check out the MADs website on the day so you can watch the live stream from the awards

And that's me for this week, it's been a good one. God is good!

How are things with you?
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I'll catch you soon, be blessed, Mich x
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