Wednesday 18 September 2013

The beauty of the Kitchen Garden

I often see the posts linked up with Mammasaurus linky 'how does your garden grow?' and normally I'm left in awe of the great things that people are doing with their outdoor space. Since moving we have spent an immense amount of time outside but we no longer have a garden we have to tend. We now have 220 acres that someone else tends and within that we have a hedged private garden we can use but again it is lawn mown for us. It is a bit of a dream come true to be honest, after all who likes to mow the lawn?

I have found I've missed growing my veggies though and tending my flowers. I think next year I'll be taking a patch in the staff garden and doing some growing, for now I have been enjoying looking at the fruits of other peoples labour.

The pictures below show the kitchen gardens that are tended by the grounds team here. The vegetables get used in the main conference centre and the apples are juiced to make apple juice which is sold here. Can you spot what is being grown at the moment?

and we have the dahlias and sweet peas in the summer too to allow for the insects and cross pollination to occur.

and here are a couple of the plots ready for the next batch of planting and you can see my house in the background.

I bet you can see why I like it here so much!

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