Thursday 5 September 2013

New school cheer = Reasons to be Cheerful week 36, year 3

Hello all, how are you? I had the most fabulous day yesterday and as such it is the basis of my Reasons to be Cheerful post.

Yesterday the children started their new school, we could tell how nervous they were and I don’t think they were even really aware of it. In the last week we have had JJ with an unexplained bad tummy multiple times a day, Miss E crying and saying she hates it here, no she loves it here and Miss M just generally acting out and disobeying any kind of instruction we give her.

We got everything ready in the couple of days before and each of the children were moaning, they seemed to have forgotten how much they all enjoyed their trial day in July. Apparently they don’t like blue uniforms, their new teachers are not nice and there are lots of bullies at their new school – excuses, excuses!

Wednesday morning dawned and dh had agreed to go into work late so he could be there to drop them on their first day. He set them each the challenge to enjoy their day, to really enjoy it and the one that could give him the best reason at tea time of why they had enjoyed their day would win a prize. To peak their interest he got them all to tell him why they had enjoyed breakfast and the one with the best explanation got 50p, the next got 20p and the last got 10p. This certainly whet their appetites and they started to speculate what the prize later might be.

This incentive worked a treat and two of the kids got a tenner each and the other learned a valuable lesson about listening to daddy and doing as she is told! I'm super pleased to report that all the kids came out of school happy and each had enjoyed their day and scrambled to tell me about what had happened.

As for me whilst they were at school, what did I do? Well I went for tea and home-made cake at a nice local tea room with dh. I then took an hour stroll around the lake and enjoyed some time with God and lastly caught up on a bit of blogging, I was worried that I might not enjoy their first day at school, that they would be teary as they went in and I'd have pinned all day but dh really sorted that out for me and I had a fabulous glimpse of my future here in East Sussex as a SAHM.

#R2BC blogger of the week

This week I have chosen Maria of Tiger Tales to be my #R2BC blogger of the week. Last weeks #R2BC post was her 65th time joining the linky, how is that for dedication and she has been joining up since 2011. I like to visit Tiger Tales as it is a blog of such love and it has been wonderful to watch her little Angelo grow up over the last couple of years and more recently become a big brother to Valentina. Here is a recent pic of Maria and Angelo.

What has made you cheerful or grateful this week?

It could be something massive or it might just be the everyday simple things that happen. If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful then take a look at the background to this linky and my rational for starting it 3 years ago. Write a post and link it up, no rules, just as long as you have written about something which is adding a smile to your face or rocking your world then I’m happy. Then link up the post, add in the blog hop code to your post if you fancy and then people can go from post to post nice and easily. Visit a few other people and leave a comment and I pray they will come do the same for you. 
Wishing you a blessed week ahead, Mich x

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