Sunday 18 November 2012

When bloggers come together awesome things happen!

Those of us who are bloggers know the power we have as a collective.

Yes sometimes there are tiffs in our respective communities but when one of us puts out a call to action and raises awareness of a plight that needs us to all pull together, then we do. And as I said before awesome things happen. We see big companies giving refunds for their wrong doings, we see posts going live by the dozen as the word spread, we see donations rolling in for charities, we see virtual hugs and tears and we see jobs being created.

Then those of us who are Christians know the power of prayer.

Especially as a collective, the Bible tells us that when two or more people come together in the name of Jesus then He is among them. I believe He works miracles and right now we could do with a miracle please Lord.  One of healing for our dear friend Kerry.

You may have read about Kerry, back in July she had a brain hemorrhage due to an ruptured aneurysm and unfortunately she has suffered some setbacks in her recovery and rehabilitation.  Her husband has been amazing looking after their three beloved children.

Liska from New Mum Online has called for bloggers to give up their blog next Saturday and to post for Kerry. Then at 10pm on that evening (24th November) she has asked that we come together as a collective and use our power.  For me it will be about prayer and calling on the Lord, for you it might be positive thoughts, meditation or something else entirely.

If you use twitter, lets make some noise and use the hashtag #Healing4Kerry

Kerry is one awesome woman that I am proud to call my friend. I'll post about her more specifically next Saturday when I give my blog over to her.

For now I'll keep on praying for total healing for Kerry and peace and comfort for her family.

Will you join Liska and I next Saturday?
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