Thursday, 29 November 2012

Simple Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 48

Hello all,

Lovely to see you here, I'm just back to keeping it simple this week and sharing a few things that have made me smile this week.

*   The visa came through for my trip to Belarus next week with Operation Christmas Child.  I just need to get some currency Friday and pack and I think I'm all ready. No stressing this time and no time to think about being nervous!

*   I hit 4000 twitter followers last night.  I was trying to fathom why this makes me smile, as logically I know it won't change my life and it doesn't mean I'm any better than I was before but I realised it does mean that I can disseminate my message just that bit further and that is a good thing.

*   I made some animal Christmas decorations with my girls yesterday after school and we had such good fun.

*   This weekend before I go away the kids will write their letters to Santa and we will decorate the trees - a nice coordinated one for me and one they can put whatever they like on, you know the type - more is definitely more!

*   The kids have friends coming round after school on Friday and I am actually looking forward to it.  The little ones are bringing their Mum and she seems a really nice lady, so I'll enjoy getting to know her more.

Over to you - what is making you grateful/ happy/ cheerful right now?  Write your post, add in the blog hop code and then go visit some fellow happy peeps.  Tweet with #R2BC if you fancy but most of all have fun and share the comment love.  I'll aim to come and visit you all before I head off on my travels early nest week.

I have two super guest hosts lined up for the next 2 weeks whilst I am a busy girl. They are both relatively new bloggers so please do show them some blogger love and support them -

Week 49 - Thursday 6th December - Kat at Kat A Pillar (formally Kat Sighs)
Week 50 - Thursday 13th December - Sally at Pressies by pebbles

Link up and let me tell you something nice I learnt yesterday from Brent Riggs, the guy who developed an downs Linky Tools. Each time you enter a link up you get a follow backlink for your blog, so that's all good for building your pagerank!


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