Sunday 11 November 2012

Not so #SilentSunday - a powerful story from Ethiopia

Late last week I received the final cut of the video that was made whilst I was out in Ethiopia with the ONE campaign as a #ONEMum. 

We had a talented professional videographer with us the whole time and on the first day when he said he wanted to interview me I nearly choked. Really, surely there were better candidates? He assured me I would be great and he would just ask me a few off-the-cuff questions and I should answer them honestly and from the gut.  So that is what I did and he obviously thought I did OK as I feature not just once, but three times in this video. 

I won't lie to you, I was a bit thrilled by that. Not because I am seeking fame and fortune but because it boosted my confidence, it made me feel like I was good enough to be doing this. To be going out on a limb and leaving my family to travel 9000 miles to try and help a country I had never been connected with before, to be using my voice to be an advocate, to be aspiring to make a difference.

Ethiopia is an awesome country. The people's positive attitude, faith and giving spirit are a challenge to me to live my life more full of joy.

I won't say any more, I'll just share the video as I feel it speaks for itself.

I would love for you to read more about ONE and to sign up to offer your voice.  There is a very simple widget in my sidebar.

Disclosure: I travelled with the ONE campaign to Ethiopia on an expense paid trip in October. Our trip was about success – Living Proof -- of what is working and why it is important that we continue to support projects that are making a huge, measurable difference for less than one percent of the entire US budget. It is about letting more people know what a tremendous difference the US and UK are making in the lives of millions around the world. And it is about adding thousands more voices to those already letting their elected officials know they support these life-saving programs.
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