Tuesday 6 November 2012

Oh so close and yet so far - my Guinness World record attempt!

Friday could have become the proudest day of my life, I could have seen my name in print and received a coveted Guinness World record certificate for becoming a record breaker.
  • The official adjudicator was there
  • I was there
  • A big basket of socks was there
  • In my head I kept hearing Roy Castle singing 'dedication is what you need, if you wanna be a record breaker!  whoo'
  • But did Roy help me, did I manage to match and roll 20 pairs of socks in 1 minute?
  • Was I quick enough???  No sadly not, must practise more Mich!

The current record is 19 and my top score was 17. I think with some practise I could break this record.  I did 2 practise runs, I got 16 on the first, 17 on the second and 17 on the official attempt but I got phased and my hands failed me!

Image Credit  I' have not got a picture of me doing it but here is my pretty little Miss E!

We had a fabulous time trying to break some world records and that for me was what it was about. One of the other Mummy bloggers there told me it was serious business and they really wanted a record, I have to be honest, this did not really bring out my competitive streak!  However saying that, I am proud to say I did the best at this task on the day, the other Mummy bloggers obviously are not as anal about their laundry as I am!  Not a fact I am sure I want to boast about?

We did have a record breaker among us though, Liz at Violet Posy had bought her secret weapon along and her husband took the record for stacking 21 cups in a particular formation, I can't recall the exact time, but it was about 16 seconds.

I am pleased to report that JJ told me what a great day he had. He attempted the record for domino stacking, currently held by the lovely Kate at 'WitWitWoo' and there was no tears this time.  He was proud of himself and had fun. Yay the boy is growing up!

The girls just had fabulous fun watching everyone, eating, getting their faces painted, wearing balloons and generally being little misses! Here is Miss M with her beautiful face painted as a tiger and he spectacular balloon backpack.

Image Credit

After our record attempts and some fun with face paints and balloons we went to see the Augmented reality exhibit that was at the Westfield Centre in Stratford and boy was it excellent.  It looked like a dinosaur, shark and the worlds heaviest twins were right there by my children, such good fun and you do not have to travel anywhere to see this kind of stuff.  Just buy yourself the Guinness World Records book (which I have seen on special offer in loads of places just recently) and download the free app.

JJ has already reviewed the Guinness World Records 2013 book, follow the link to read more.

Thank you to the Guinness World records team, you really are an awesome bunch of people. We all had a fabulous time.

Disclosure:  We were guests at Giraffe restaurant at the invitation of Guinness World Records, we received a gift each for attending.  I have not been asked to blog about this nor instructed what to write.  We just had a lovely time and I want to share.
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