Thursday 1 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - The Supportive Bloggers Edition

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I was sat here yesterday afternoon wondering what might be the theme or twist to my #R2BC post for today and a few things were coming to me but as I finally got myself organised and answered all the comments that have been sitting unanswered on my blog for the last 3 weeks or so I realised what was making me the most grateful............  the wonderful community that is blogging. Specifically parent bloggers, they are the ones I engage with most often and yes there is the odd spat every so often but in the main this is a really great group of people.

Many of you will know that I headed off to Ethiopia with Jen Howze and the ONE campaign a couple of weeks back and I had asked a few like-minded people if they would support me from home and tweet out posts, maybe do a post or so and I was blown away by the support.  There are literally hundreds of people I could name and thank for their posts, RT's, shares and everything else but lets be honest there is not really time.  So I'll just share about a few extra awesome people.

What makes it extra special is that many people (like me if you go back 8 months ago) have never heard of ONE and as they are not a charity it is hard for people to easily get their heads round what ONE do and why they should support them. Charities like Save the Children, that so many bloggers work with are a much easier win as people get what they do and know and trust the name. It takes a bit more effort to get involved in ONE as you have to take some time to find out who they are and if you can trust them, I totally get that and that is why I am super thankful.

If you want to find out more about who ONE are then check out these couple of past posts from me.

I'm just ONE Mum
Failure to Thrive.....  but YOU can help.
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I won't keep you waiting anymore, here are the people I want to give a big #R2BC hug and kiss to:

First up is my bestest bloggy chum and fellow #R2BC hardcore member Clare from Seasider in the City. Her job keeps her really busy and she is often travelling hundreds of miles and back in a day so I did not even think to ask her, knowing what her schedule is like. However, there was no need for me to ask as she was one of the first in there asking me if she could help and then she came up with such a lovely meme to support the journey and the #ONEMums initiative.

Next up is the true champion of this campaign. Rachel at MidLife Single Mum literally came on this journey with me and she could not have been more involved except to have physically been there. I am not even sure how to put in words about how I feel towards Rachel given all her wonderful support.  She truly rocks and I'll be happy to offer a favour anytime in the future.

Ruth at DorkyMum has established herself as a really credible blogger for good and it is for that reason (amongst many others) that I loved knowing she was supporting us from home. The thing I really like about working with Ruth is that she leaves no stone unturned, when she gets involved she really gets involved and she investigates and makes sure very little thing fits with her values.

Also I want to thank the legend that is Maggy from Red Ted Art, at the end of my Ethiopia trip there was a bit of a 'incident' (I have no idea what to call it and the air has been cleared now) but she got really passionate on my behalf and became a champion rallying up loads of support and getting people to join in with Clare's meme.

Grateful to you all....
All the visitors and commenter's to my blog.  As I sit and read my Ethiopia and ONE posts I get all emotional and I feel so humbled by the support I received.  People seemed to have been touched by the stories I was able to share and that makes a difference.

Then last to everyone who put their details into the ONE widget and decided they would like to join the mailing list and add their voice to the millions of others. By signing a few petitions, writing a few blog posts, sharing the information and perhaps writing to our MP we are making a difference and we can give ourselves a pat on the back, as collective voices work.

I am waiting for some information so I can share with you just how much collective voices work but here is a  really encouraging nugget of information.  Because of the ONE trip to the FashionABLE factory there has been a surge in sales of their scarves and this means that they are able to employ another three ladies.  Tat might not sound much but if that is three more women into the rehabilitation program that no longer have to sell their bodies for 30 cents a trick then I think that is amazing news.

I can't really sign off without saying, please do read some more about ONE and sign up to add your voice if you can.  The widget is in my sidebar on the right there.

Now it is your turn...
Over to you now, what is making you happy/ grateful this week?  Write your post, add in the blog hop code if you fancy and link up.  Then go hopping around some blogs and leave some comment love and I'm sure others will do the same. I have enjoyed getting back into blog reading the last week or so since I have been home.  If you leave me a comment, I'll of course come visit you this weekend.

Have a great week, be blessed.  Mich x
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