Tuesday 1 April 2014

Butlins without my boy

Next week we are off to Spring Harvest at Butlins, Minehead. We go to this large Christian festival every year and we always have a blast.  I count down the days and get super excited. Out of all the holidays and trips we take each year this is always my favourite as it is the time we are closest as a family and of course it is a week of encountering God, which comes high in my list of must-do's.

This year is going to be a little different though, as my JJ is not coming with us. Last year when we were booking he asked if he could go and stay with my parents instead and have some alone time with them. I do think this is a great idea and I know my parents and JJ will all really enjoy themselves. He will be spoilt silly and they will get to enjoy being full-on grandparents for five days.

But now we are getting close to the date I'm wondering how I'm going to feel without my big boy being with me. In the last couple of years JJ has come out in the evening with either dh or I and he goes to his club and we go to a session and then we meet and chat or have hot chocolate or something similar but this year he won't be there.

Of course it will be good for the girls to have some time without JJ and it will be novel that dh and I can have a child each and no one is left on the fringe. It is only five days after all and once we return home it is just JJ coming with us as the girls will then go to my parents but still, I'll miss the funny little fellow who makes me laugh a lot!

To cheer myself back up, I thought I'd remind myself of the fab things we have to look forward to at Butlins next week -

*  We can swim every day and there are enough adults for the kids, yay!

*  There are loads of free funfair, indoor rides, trampolines, soft play and play parks for the kids to use and oh yes, did I already mention they are included??

*  The girls always feel very grown up when they get to have the help yourself buffet meals each day

*  Minehead is a beautiful seaside town and dh and I normally get a few hours to ourselves without any kids! bliss

*  We get to worship God in all sorts of exciting ways during the week

Roll on the weekend I can't wait.......  Butlins and Spring Harvest here we come!

Disclosure: I am a Butlins Ambassador and in May I will take a break to Bognor in that capacity. This break is paid for by myself and I am not obliged to blog about it.  We just always have such a fab time when we holiday at Butlins that I find I can't help myself!
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