Monday 7 April 2014

An alternative Easter gift for your little girl

When you think of Easter it is so easy to have chocolate eggs as your first thought and I'll be honest there will be our fair share of chocolate eggs in our house on Easter Sunday. Of course as Christians Easter means something quite different to us and it will be an amazing time when we celebrate that Christ is risen.

Each Easter I do like to get the children a small gift as part of our celebrations and this year I was pondering what it might be when Goldsmiths, the jewellers got in touch and asked if the girls would like to sample a Little Wishes bracelet each. It was very easy to say 'yes, I'm sure they would love a sterling silver charm bracelet especially designed for little girls.

The Little Wishes collection is designed in Goldsmiths own dedicated London studio and is exclusive to their jewellers. The collection comprises of many beautiful sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces especially for children and prices start from just £19.00.

The girls were lucky enough to be sent a sterling silver charm bracelet and Easter bunny charm each and the first thing we noticed when we opened out package was the luxurious packaging that their bracelets arrived in. The box is a really thick, premium quality card box with ribbon tie and inside is a mock suede drawstring bag. These bracelets look as if they cost so much more than they actually do. The charm bracelet costs £29.00 and the bunny charm is £19.00.

The actual sterling silver bracelet is perfect for your little girl as you can attach the clasp wherever you fancy on the bracelet and this makes it suitable for all size wrists. At the end there is a little silver disc with a heart on which is cute and a nice little finish.

The charm that we received was a bunny and I like these modern charms as they have small clasps so you can attach them anywhere you like on the bracelet and also remove them if you want to. When I was younger and had a charm bracelet we used to have to ask the jeweller to add the new charm, this way is so much easier.

I'm looking forward to being able to buy my girls some more charms for future dates that we want to remember. I think a charm bracelet is something to be treasured that can grow with the child.

I saw this beautiful book charm and knew that my little Miss M would adore it as she always has her nose in a book! Purple is also one of her favourite colours and the enamel finish is pretty. This charm retails for £29.00.

Then for Miss E I thought she would adore this heart with an inset diamond, it is more expensive at £49.00 but if it was a very special occasion or a couple of people were putting money in for it then I think we could stretch to that.

The Little Wishes collection is definitely worth looking at, you can check out the range on line (I see they deliver free of charge within 2-5 days) or in store. As well as the charm bracelet there are beautiful necklaces, earrings and other bracelets too. The small cross necklace is a real favourite of mine.

Disclosure: we were sent these charm bracelets free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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