Thursday 17 April 2014

What's new at Legoland, Windsor for 2014?

I think it's pretty well documented on both my blogs how much my family enjoys a day out to Legoland, Windsor. It really is the ultimate theme park experience for those with primary school aged kids, I don't have mega thrill seekers and this makes Legoland just perfect for our children - near 7 year old twin girls and our boy aged 10.5 years.

We always have a fun day when we visit and there is so much there that we are kept busy from the moment we arrive to when we leave. In fact there is so much to do that you can easily spend a couple of days in a row there. We have not had the pleasure of staying at the Legoland Hotel yet but that is the next thing on my hit list as the inside pool looks amazing and you often get two days entry to the park as part of your deal.

Legoland enjoys a beautiful position set into the hillside in Berkshire and the views of Windsor Castle are superb, the park is really green and well maintained and a pleasure to spend time in. As it is set in a hill there is a fair amount of walking and climbing to do but they have made ramps, wide walkways, tram trains and slides for the kids to enjoy the decline into all the different lands.

One of the things I love best about Legoland is that they do not rest on their laurels, each year something is updated, modernised or added and this means that the park always feels fresh when you arrive. I think the only area that now needs a freshen up is the original Miniland with all the Lego buildings, some of those are starting to look a bit worn now, although if you don't look closely the overall effect is still pretty spectacular, just look -

I think one of the things our family really likes about Legoland is the mix of entertainment. Yes there are some spectacular rides which make you scream with excitement and of course these come with queues during the busy periods (you can purchase a q-bot to help you skip the queues if that is your thing) but there are also excellent no-queue activities such as the Brickville play park, Duplo Drench Towers area, Puppet theatre and Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show. The imagination centre is also pretty amazing if you have Lego fans as they can explore Lego related science activities and make Lego kits until their heart is content, followed by a visit to the 4D imagination theatre.

Pirate Shores
This year Legoland have also given one of the areas a new identity for 2014 and Pirate Shores has opened. The pinnacle of this will be Castaway Camp which is a opening in May 2014, it will be a fabulous play area with high rope-walks, play nets, slides, a forgotten fortress and battleships to play on. We will definitely be heading back there when we next visit again. As well as the Castaway Camp Pirate Shores includes Pirate Falls, a steep drop log flume ride surrounded by some fabulous new Lego models, the Jolly Rocker, which is a 'too scary for me' boat ride and a refurbished Burger Kitchen restaurant as well as a couple of smaller attractions.

The Burger kitchen
Two of the existing eateries have been refurbished and the menu upgraded this year and we were very impressed with the offering in the Burger Kitchen, despite what you might think the food was very tasty and the price was as we would expect at a large theme park. We paid £6.50 for a premium chicken burger meal, £6.35 for a hamburger meal and £4.95 for a kids meal.

I have to be honest and say some of the kids best fun of our day there last week came from the Legoland badge that comes free with the kids meal. Little did we know that you can ask staff if they have spares and if not you can swap your badges for theirs and build up a nice little collection. This became a great source of competition between my three and they were all searching for the elusive golden badge.

Thank you very much Legoland for such an amazing day with you trying out your new facilities for 2014. We had a wonderful day and I'm happy to recommend you to anyone who asks.

I can't resist, I'll leave you with a few more taster photos of the fun you can have if you visit Legoland, Windsor.

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Disclosure: We received entry to Legoland, fast passes and some Lego loot to use during our day out as part of their press day. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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