Saturday 5 April 2014

A year in photos - week 14

Last Saturday we took our pastoral group out for the afternoon and we had such a lovely time on Winchelsea beach and in Rye town. Two of our friends have now returned to their home countries and we will really miss them.

Pure unadulterated fun!

It was a great beach for interesting shots

Catching a reflection and shadow in one photo feels kind of clever! lol

My baby blue eyes

Stained glass always makes me smile

Last Sunday was mothers day and I sadly didn't get to see my Mum but we are planning a weekend away together at the end of the month so that is something to look forward to, but for now I sent her a lavender heart I made for her. You wouldn't believe the hours of love that went into stitching that!

Then I had the day out with my family to a fun little farm park called Knockhatch.

I adore this photo of JJ, it is an iPhone and Instagram capture

I can't say I particularly like these #Melfies but I do think it is important 
to have pictures of myself with the kids

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