Monday 14 April 2014

Staying at Butlins, Minehead in a Gold Apartment

Last week we were lucky to attend Spring Harvest at Butlins in Minehead. I've mentioned numerous times before how much we all love this holiday that we take every year and this year was no exception. It was a week of fun, family, faith and food - a perfect combination in my mind. I have to be honest and say that I went home totally worn out, it was not a restful holiday as we stayed active the whole time.

As it was Spring Harvest when we stayed at Minehead this means that things are a little different to a regular Butlins stay, so we did not have any of the excellent entertainment that is normally provided. I've blogged about that before though in my capacity as a Butlins Ambassador so you can read all about that over here.

I've stayed in various grades of accommodation over the years at all three Butlins sites and what I can honestly say is that every year there is an improvement. Butlins never seem to rest on their laurels, they keep doing more and more and freshening things up.

This year we stayed in a gold apartment and this was a first for us. I have to be honest and say when I saw the outside I was disappointed, they look quite old fashioned. There are newer blocks of gold accommodation right by us and I really wanted one of those, so I went for a nose around and do you know what I found? Yes the outside looks smarter and the new ones have outside space, a decked area or balcony but in truth as it was April did I want to sit outside? What I found inside is that there is no difference at all. They are set up and furnished in completely the same way. The block we stayed in which I felt looked dated on the outside was actually newly decorated and in a really good state of repair.

Once inside my gold apartment I was super pleased, we had a two bedroom apartment which slept four of us. There was one double and one twin room.

There was great attention to detail, like the towel elephant on our bed when we arrived and the complimentary toiletries and kitchen pack.

I've not stayed in an apartment which had a dishwasher before, so this was a total luxury for us. I can confirm the kitchen was well equipped and had full inventory, inside the cupboards where spotless, the bin smelt good. It felt modern and there was easily enough space for the four of us to move around freely and not get on top of each other.
As we had booked for dinner, bed and breakfast we had a daily housekeeper come in and make the beds, empty bins and refill our loo paper etc. Again it was so so nice to not have to take my own bin bag out or have to rush tot he shop as I had forgotten to pack enough loo roll.

The lounge had a flatscreen TV and DVD player and we made use of this one night so the girls could have a chilled evening to refresh themselves for the busy days ahead. D did not fancy the kids dog movie so he headed off into our bedroom and watched the small TV in there.

The apartment felt as if it had most everything we needed - a safe, hairdryer, iron and board, dustpan and brush and toaster.

If I was to make any recommendations to Butlins of improvement they could make I'd probably get them to choose some new coat hooks for in the hall, the ones we had were too small to hang cost on that did not have a loop. Also I'd love a dish drainer for next to the sink for when you do the odd bit of washing up. Oh and Butlins if one thing let you down in this apartment it was your pillows, they were flat as a pancake.

We would definitely stay in a gold apartment again.

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Disclosure: I am a Butlins Ambassador and I am being offered a break in May to review the Bognor Regis site. My family paid for this holiday but Butlins kindly upgraded us to Gold. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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