Saturday 9 January 2010

Today my eyes are open!

I have had a lovely morning so far today. I was awoken by a small voice shouting 'Mummy I need you', which when you think about it is just super. We all love to be needed and the little ones that need me are just divine. The silly thing is some mornings that might just annoy me if I had gone to bed too late or been woken in the night but I really must keep at the forefront of my mind how much I adore my little people.

Once I had dealt with my twinnies and they were happily playing together my big boy got up and came for a snuggle in my bed, he then went off downstairs to play on the PC and enjoy his lego games. I stayed in bed for about 40 minutes and listened to the giggles coming from the girls rooms and just chatted with them through the wall while I prayed, read some of my ED literature and generally pondered my life (Does that make me a selfish/ bad Mummy?). It was bliss and a way I would love to start each day but realistically as a working mother it won't happen. So I must treasure the times it does. It has set me up into such a good mood for today and this is why I say my eyes are open today as I have been enjoying the little things. For example:

Once I got up at about 8.30am I went in to see the girls again and we sat and read and then they decided that their Alfie teddies would like to be zipped into Mummies PJ top, I smiled at this game but what really got me laughing was when Miss M came and sat on my lap and said 'My in there Mummy'. So yes, M got zipped in my top with me and we snuggled. Miss E declined to join us but found it very funny and kept poking her Alfie in with Miss M and I.

We then went into the bathroom to brush our teeth. They watched me first and then did theirs and it amused me to watch Miss M clean the sink afterwards in just the way Mummy does!

While putting on their dressing gowns, Miss M announced that she was now Nanny and pulled out a hanky from her pocket, one I had no idea was there. My Mum stays every so often and always dresses up snug in her dressing gown and has tissues in her pocket, so it was very special to see them trying to be Nanny as well as Mummy. Normally they are me dressed in high heels with a handbag, announcing 'My going to work!'.

Then once downstairs after our porridge Miss E said she wanted to do a Noddy puzzle. I got it out and put it on the floor as I needed to do some organisation for a quiz I am organising for the school PTA. I did not expect the girls to get far as they are not even 2.5 years yet and it is a 35 piece puzzle. I kept looking as them as they wondered off came back together and slowly pieced their puzzle together. I was very proud to see that they did get the puzzle together. It just shows what twins can achieve together. I am such a proud mummy that I have posted a picture of all the kids playing nicely and of the finished puzzle. I suppose I now ought to dress the girls and think about what we might do this afternoon, it is still snowy here - will I venture out to the shops - who knows!

I am now listening to 'My done a wee, wee' in a sing song voice and then an extra chorus of 'my done a big one' from Miss E. Again another proud mummy moment that only another Mum could understand. Roll on Spring and I can properly potty training these beautiful little ladies..... they are nearly there already!
(I only know at the moment how to get pictures at the top of my post, that will be my next thing to learn, how to insert them at the appropriate place in the blog entry! - It is all a journey).
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