Thursday 21 January 2010

My Object Meme

I was tagged a few days ago by Young Mummy (my first tag, how exciting is that!) to join in with the my object meme. This was started by The Dotterel (Bringing up Charlie) as a response to the BBC's new programme The History of the World.

So, the idea is that I pick a single object that tells the story of me or my family in some way. It can be anything: a ring, a piece of clothing, an old teddy; anything as long as it says something special about me or my family.

I have been thinking long and hard on this and not having much joy. What I have learnt is that I am not much of a possessions person, I have hardly anything that I have kept for years and years and has special meaning. A few pieces of jewellery, a million photos, oh and a husband too ;)! I am much more into memories, places, songs and people, than things.

I thought to myself 'if there was a fire - what would I save?' and not much comes to mind - just those photos again and the really special jewellery, which I tend to normally be wearing anyway. I nearly ended up taking a photo of my camera and video camera as they are the key to my treasures but I figured that would just be sad!

In the end I thought I would share with you a picture drawn by a special little girl, Miss B. She was just 5 when she drew it and it is a picture of my twinnies, I love how they are holding hands and hope they will always be such good friends.
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