Saturday 30 January 2010

Today, I have mostly been saying...

'Who wants a wee wee?' in this high pitched sing song voice!

I must of said it at least 24 times in the last 12 hours (about every half hour to be precise) and the amount of potties I have emptied, well that is nobodies business. Potty training (PT) two at a time is bad enough. Can you imagine having quads or sextuplets and PTing all of them???

It has not been a bad day today in regards to the PTing. Peppa Pig has taken a battering though with 2 wet pairs from Miss E and 1 pooey pair from Miss M. Wet I can take, pooed pants is just, well gross! We did go out for lunch though and then did some shopping and that was when the accidents happened, I think sometimes it is just too exciting when out and about to go for a boring wee wee!

I am not entirely sure which way to play it though and to tell them off for doing it in their pants or to do the oh well (Mummy can cope) type voice and just change them no fuss. I suppose I will go with the oh well approach for a while as this is only their 4th day of being in pants all day and it is not as if I have altered life and got them to stay home and master it. We are still out and about doing stuff.

So wish us luck, tomorrow is another day and hopefully all number 1's and 2's will be on the potty or toilet tomorrow!
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