Friday 7 March 2014

Five Great Activities for Spring

Thank goodness that Spring has finally arrived; the rain seems to be easing and we are having some beautiful moments of sunshine. It sure does make me feel lighter and improve my mood.

If you are seeking some ideas of what you could get up to in March, here is my top five for Spring -

1)  Head to the beach and watch the sunset. 
Whether you have children or not the beach is always a great place to be. Sure you can't sunbath right now but how about a romantic walk with your partner close to the waves lapping the shore or maybe a game of volleyball with a group of friends?

For my family it is all about the fun of scooting along the prom, beach combing and then having an ice-cream!

2) Get out and smell the roses.
Well perhaps not roses as they are not in bloom yet but what about the azaleas, camellias, blossom trees and daffodils. This time of year is beautiful for both wild and garden flowers alike so take a nice long walk and see what you can spot. Not only is the exercise good for you, you will also enjoy the visual delights of our beautiful world.

3)  Take some time to look after yourself.
We all have different ways to nurture our soul and to take time out. For me it is a night away with my husband, a relaxing swim and a back and neck massage. For you it might be a long hot soak in the bath, a fabulous book or going to the theatre.

Whatever it is, I think we need to create time to look after ourselves and when better than at the start of each new season?

4)  Enjoy some local culture
How many times have you been past a local tourist attraction or park and wondered what it was like inside? We often forget the things that are on our doorstep and I think Spring is the perfect time to explore close to home. Bodium Castle is just a 20 minute car ride from our house and it is the perfect place to visit, with or without the children for a variety of reasons - a historical learning experience, to enjoy its beauty, a good cream tea or lots of grass for the kids to run on.

5) Make the most of your home
Whilst the weather is still warming up there might be days when you just want to stay in and I can't pretend that most people will find spring cleaning a joy, but it is essential to keep on top of the chores. So why don't you set aside a day with the whole family when the weather is not too great. Draw up a list of all those jobs that never seem to get done and each of you tackle a couple. The kids can be involved too.

Then once you have all worked hard enjoy a nice easy buffet lunch and settle down for a family movie with popcorn and a board game. Sometimes the simplest activities can be the most fun.

I hope there is something in my list that you might fancy doing this Spring. Do leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite Spring activity is.
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