Sunday 9 March 2014

A year in photos week 10

You'll know by now that I am absolutely loving this year long photographic journey that I have embarked on. Here are this weeks offerings -

Today the focus on the Better Photos Project is aperture and how we can use that to affect what is in focus and what is blurred in a picture. I've been playing with this too and I look how this flower just pops against the blurry background!

Lumix G5 on manual with F4.5 and 160 ISO

Lumix G5 on manual, F14 and 640 ISO and then edited in Pic Monkey

This little Robin is always hopping by our house and he has the most glorious bird call.

Lumix G5 on manual with F5.6 and 160 ISO

Another little friend, this time out of my back window.

Lumix G5 on manual with F5.6 and 1250 ISO

Not displayed here as it is a fabulous photo but more because I want to capture their childhood and it was World Book Day 2014. To be honest, this does show how I am progressing though, as in the past this kind of photo would have been taken inside and today we got outside and I used the light and the beautiful surroundings.

And a photo to remember a lovely day in Hastings with Miss E -

Taken on my iPhone and nothing done to it

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