Tuesday 25 March 2014

Would you go to night school?

Driving home from my evening class last week I realised that I've failed to mention anything on here about the fact that I've been going to night classes since last September.  Why was this I started to muse.....  and you know what? I have no idea why it has failed to get a mention.

It certainly isn't that I'm embarrassed or keeping it a secret, people that know me in real life know I am doing a sewing class. In fact, I'm enjoying it loads and finally starting to grow in confidence. I've not been natural at sewing at all, it has been quite a hard slog and that has been an interesting learning curve for me, because (as big headed as it sounds) I'm used to being good at things and doing them well, first time. Sewing is very good at keeping me real and humble as I have to keep unpicking things and doing them again. The whole inside out/ backwards logic of sewing does not sit well with me!

I turned up at my first class in September thinking that everyone would be in the same boat, it was a class for beginners after all but no, everyone else knew how to use their machine and do the basics, I literally had no idea how to thread my machine. The last time I used a sewing machine was 25 years ago at school.

This is what I have created this term, the skirt has not been the biggest success (it is too big and netting does not work well) but I'm really pleased with the top.

More than just learning some new skills, I'm really pleased to be taking an evening class as I think it is super important to model to our children that education does not just stop once you get a job. Continual education/personal development is important for everyone, whatever your niche or skill set.  Also as I mentioned before I have been making loads of mistakes with my sewing projects and just think what a good example that sets for the kids, when they hear me saying I got it wrong, I tried again and then I succeeded. A very important life message there,

I was listening to my girls playing the other morning and it really lifted my heart to hear them chatting about packing their bags to go to University. Apparently Miss E is off to art university and Miss M is going to pet university and it struck me that at age 6 they believe they can go to Uni and that is just part of their everyday life. Dh and I were both the first in our families to go to Uni and growing up it never even occurred to me that avenue was open for someone 'ordinary' like me.

I feel pretty chuffed that we have changed that for our children and for the first ten years of JJ's life and all of the girls life I worked at a Uni and JJ remembers me doing my masters so I suppose I should not be so surprised that they feel comfortable with higher education as a choice they can make in the future. Who knows what they will want to do in twelve years!

So what about you, would you go to night school or take a community education class (as it is called nowadays) or would you be worrying about who else might be in the class, if you could keep up or what your friends might think?

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