Thursday 27 May 2021

Fathers Day - Gifts to Suit All Dads

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It's only a few weeks until Fathers Day in the UK and as such many of us are thinking about what gift to buy our dads or our kid's dad. It's always nice to get something a little different and I definitely enjoy buying gifts that will be well received and suit the recipient's interests, but men are notoriously hard to buy for. Therefore I am sharing some ideas of different items to get the dad in your life. 

For the Dad Chef - Opinel 4 Piece Kitchen Knife Set from Whitby & Co

A couple of Christmas' ago my son received a classic Opinel working man's knife, which he takes camping and out into the woods. It is a great product that has stayed sharp and still remains his favourite for outdoors work. With that in mind, I ordered my husband this Opinel Loft 4 piece kitchen knife set. It contains all the essentials - a peeler, paring knife, serrated knife and vegetable knife. I love the fact they each come with a different coloured wood handle, and there are loads of colourways available so you can order what suits your kitchen.

Both my husband and I originally trained as chefs, so we are very fussy about our knives and have owned many knives from the big brands, but we'd never had an Opinel between us and I can honestly say they have now become a favourite. I would happily buy their knives again and at £32.95 for the set, I think they are great value. I thinking of buying the 4 piece table knife (#ad) set soon for when we have steak. 

Monday 24 May 2021

Hello Springtime - So much to be Grateful for...

Yes, there is an awful lot of rain about at the moment but there are also wonderful glimpses of the sun and Spring really is in evidence here in East Sussex. I wanted to share a few pictures I have captured in the last couple of weeks, as I'm loving the colours of Spring.

We've got the bright yellow rapeseed fields right behind where we live, gorgeous bluebells in the woods and wisteria up the side of the main house. My parents stayed locally in a cottage last week and it was so nice to spend some time with them, even if we couldn't actually go in any restaurants or such. 

We had a lovely day in Eastbourne for an al fresco lunch and a good walk. The repainted pier is looking magnificent and we are looking forward to trying the new family amusements on there. 

This is the view from the cross on the other side of the lake where I live. Look at those glorious rapeseed fields in the background.

This little fella really made me smile, when he came to join my Mum and I as we enjoyed our sausage sandwich whilst shopping. Don't you think he looks really inquisitive?

We've started to have a farmers market at my home once a month and it has been really lovely. I've found some great new local suppliers and I also bought this handmade mug at the last one. I'm a bit in love with it.

Not really a springtime photo, but I love this picture I captured of our dopey cat.

And here's my mum with her furry friend, Archie the old lab.

One of my favourite trees. I call this one the seasons tree as it stands alone and you can really see the seasons change by looking at it.

I got sent some artisan cheese from the Hampshire Cheese Company this week and we have all been enjoying them. The Tunworth was my favourite, it is a British version of Camembert and it was so good. The Winslade was interesting as you can spoon it from the rind and that was popular with our girls. 

I do a fair amount of hanging around at the moment, waiting for the kids when I have to drop them off and collect them. I found this lovely spot this week and enjoyed a read and a coffee whilst I waited for JJ to finish college. The smell of the wisteria was delightful. 

Isn't this a great view? This was just before the sky opened and it poured down, but I was loving the contrast of colours of the courtyard outside my house.

I have to love my local town, as we have regular yarn bombers who cheer the place up. This is a definite spring theme to all the knitting and crochet creations this time.

I hope you're enjoying springtime too. There is always so much to be grateful for if you take the time to look for it. 

Thursday 20 May 2021

Understanding Portable Air Conditioners Before Buying

Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

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With more and more people starting to work from home, many of the creature comforts we have come to know from our offices are finding their way into our houses. Air conditioning is very high on this list, and a good air-con unit can go a long way in increasing comfort and efficiency during the hot summer months, even if you work from home. But a permanent air-con installation is not always possible, as various restrictions can come into play, from building regulations to rental agreements. Enter the portable air con unit, and all that comes with it.

How does it weigh up, price-wise?

Mobile air conditioners can be pricey – a few hundred pounds is well within expectation. But for comfort and productivity during the hot and muggy months, it’s not a high price to pay.

If you are not one of the lucky ones to have central air conditioning, window-mounted air conditioners can be another option, but not all rooms can accommodate these. A lack of space, or awkward placement of existing fixtures can impede the installation process, and in a case like this, a portable air conditioner really comes into its own.

Don’t forget about insulation!

Despite the fact that your portable air-con will be a freestanding unit and will not be fixed to a window frame, you will still need to cater for the outlet hoses of the unit. These hoses are responsible for getting rid of the hot air and any water that was generated as a by-product of running the unit.

This means that you will still need access to a window, in order to vent these waste products, and additionally, you will also need to place it in a position where a plug socket is easily reached.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Check your ratings

The area that a portable air-con unit can cool, is rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher the BTU number of the unit, the greater the area it can cool. However, with an increase in BTU numbers, also comes an increase in size, operating costs and carbon footprint. Look out for this number on the box before buying a unit, and this will be the best way to guide your purchase decision.

Another option, although not strictly speaking an air conditioner, is an evaporative cooler. This appliance will bypass the need for outlet hoses, and as such, will not need to be vented to the outside. Because they require an amount of water to cool a space, they are great for dry areas where a bit of extra humidity could add to the comfort level.

The best advice there is, in summary, is to go for a unit with an optimal BTU rating, or alternatively, one which has some form of green functionality, to help save on power while maximising on efficiency. The sweet spot is to find a unit that does not burn through more energy than what is required to do its job. It makes such a difference to your productivity to feel cool whilst working and therefore a portable air conditioner can be a really beneficial purchase. 


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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Accepting Yourself as You Are #TheSelfieTalk

Image Credit: Dove

I was very interested to see that Dove have a new campaign, the #reverseselfie where they take an image that has been shared on social media and roll back the time, removing any filters, edits etc.

When you arrive at their webpage, titled “building self-esteem in the social media age” the first statistic that greets you is “by age 13, 80% of girls distort the way they look online” and as you read that you might feel pretty shocked, sickened or saddened. I know I did. Why? I thought to myself, why do they feel the need to edit their pictures and make themselves look different? Just look at those images above, that young girl on the right is almost unrecognisable by the distortions to the image on the left, and a 13 year old has become 20. That's truly what you call a lost youth. 

As I mused on this for a few days, I started to wonder if the problem really is as big as many adults assume? Are young girls intrinsically unhappy with the way they look and feeling pressure to be different? Also, Is it any different now to when I was 13, 34 years ago, before the age of social media? When I was at school I remember there being girls who wouldn’t come to school without a full face of make-up or their hair pristine. Isn't this just a newer version of that?

I suppose the big difference now, is that back in my day if you had bad hair, maybe 100 people saw it at school (if they even noticed you) but now if you post a bad hair day picture on social media there is an infinite amount of people who could look at it and it could go on being viewed for days, weeks or even months. Nowadays you have keyboard warriors too, those who want to share their opinion, even if it is negative. Believing that by sharing a photo, you invited their criticism or comment. 

So when I found myself in the car with my twin 13-year-old girls last week I asked them about posting pictures on social media and how they feel about it as I've noticed they both rarely post anything to their Instagram grid preferring to share stories instead. There are also a lot of filters and specific poses or effects used. For instance, I notice they like to take photos of themselves in the mirror, so it is a reflective look and maybe their tongue will poke to the side, or they make a sign with their hands. I'm pleased to say none of the trout pout or porno style shots has been in evidence from my girls. 

One pointed out to me that many of the filters or apps she uses are for fun, they aren’t about looking more beautiful or perfect. They might be a selfie in a face mask, or with silly big eyes, they are just a bit of fun, a way of expressing herself with her friends.

The other said she didn’t know anyone who actually took the time to use a photo editor to slim their body, change nose shape, elongate their neck etc. So that felt encouraging. She said that young people just want to post a photo they are happy with on social media and to show their best self. How is this any different to many adults, she questioned? And she is right, I wouldn't put a photo up where I felt I looked awful. For me, it won't be about a full face of make-up, but it might be about hiding my crooked smile, left from when I had Bells Palsy, or making my huge tummy not look so big. We each have our insecurities and just because I do not share photos of them on social media, does not mean I am tricking the world. I'm just posting what I am happy with and that is about me, and not you.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Seasonal Colour Trends to Embrace For Your Child's Bedroom


Photo by Blake Woolwine on Unsplash

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The colours that you use to decorate your child’s bedroom will play a crucial role in the overall atmosphere and feel of the space. Certain shades can create an emotional response and make a room feel more comfortable and inviting.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to freshen up your child’s bedroom and create a more stylish look Luckily, there are dozens of quick and easy ways to add fresh colour and interest to your little one’s room. Let’s start by discussing the best shades to use in each season:


When it comes to interior design, winter is all about creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. According to Little Lucy Willow, you should use shades like red, coral, and yellow to add warmth to your child’s bedroom during the cold winter months. Vibrant shades will lift your child’s mood and help you create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in their bedroom.  


You should use cheerful colours to freshen up your child’s bedroom as we move into spring. Vibrant shades like green, yellow, and purple look amazing in spring and will instantly add life to your little one’s room. Soft pastel shades are also extremely popular in spring design and will help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t forget that patterns can play a big part in spring decorating too. Floral and natural patterns look beautiful in spring and will instantly liven up your child’s bedroom. Check out this article by Good Housekeeping for some of the best spring colours to consider.


Summer is all about going bold with bright hues and patterns. House Beautiful list the best summer paint colours as marigold, flamingo pink, tangerine, and pale purple. When summer arrives, freshen up your little one’s room by adding a splash of vibrant colour. You could also get creative and design an eye-catching summer mural or a gallery wall full of family holiday photos and summer memories.

Thursday 6 May 2021

5 Top Tips for Securing Affordable Life Insurance for Mums in 2021

Five top tips to help you make simple changes which will enable you to secure affordable life assurance as a mum

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It’s natural for us mums to worry about our family’s future and COVID-19 has not helped matters. The pandemic has highlighted the need to have the right financial protection in place to ensure your family are taken care of. As a mum, you’ll want to know that your children will be protected in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Life insurance is essential in securing the financial future of your family and ensuring they don’t struggle financially should you pass away. Life insurance works by providing a payout to your loved ones should you pass away during the term of your policy.

Your loved ones can then use this payout to help cover any financial commitments. These are often things such as:
  • Mortgage payments
  • Bills and utilities
  • Outstanding debts
  • Childcare costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Leaving an inheritance
There are a number of policy types available to suit every family’s need. From term based covered (cover for a specified period of time) to whole of life cover (cover for the rest of your life), to family income benefit (monthly income payments).

Whether you’re a young mum, single mum, stay at home mum or working mum, life insurance is essential for protecting your family should the worst happen.

Below are 5 top tips for securing affordable life insurance cover for mums from Hampshire-based award-winning life insurance broker, Reassured -

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

It can be hard juggling motherhood while taking the time for yourself to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, but doing so could help you to secure a more affordable life insurance premium. 

The price you pay for your life insurance premium will be calculated according to the level of risk you pose to the insurer – the riskier they deem you to be, the more you’ll pay. 

At the point of application, you’ll need to provide information on your health and wellbeing, such as:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your medical history
  • Your weight
  • Your BMI
  • Your smoking status

This information will help to paint the picture of your current health (and, therefore, the risk you pose to the insurer). Ill health, being overweight, having a high BMI and being a smoker are all factors that can lead to premiums being inflated.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need to swap quality time with your children to hit up the gym every day but simple steps such as quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet and keeping active could all work in your favour to lead a healthier lifestyle and secure a more favourable premium. 

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Get recipes delivered to your door: The new app that lets you do a weekly food shop in 5 minutes or less

Plate Up in a new app that suggests recipes to suit your family and then you can do your shop within 5 minutes to be delivered to your door.

{This is a collaborative post}

Are you tired of supermarket trips every week? After a long, hard week of working and parenting, the last thing you should have to worry about is doing the weekly food shopping. Getting up, getting ready and going to the supermarket is just another chore on our long list of things to do, never mind the tiring process of deciding your dinners for the week ahead, making sure your fussy eaters will be satisfied and writing your shopping list. You deserve to spend your weekends relaxing and doing activities you enjoy... And that’s exactly what you can do with the new Plate Up app! 

Launched just last year, the Plate Up app lets you order the ingredients for recipes by top culinary experts and get them delivered to your door by your preferred supermarket. They are currently partnered with Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado. There are over 300 meals at your fingertips (with new recipes being added all the time) and you can complete a weekly food shop in just a few taps. Better yet, you can get your weekly food delivery from the comfort of your sofa and in 5 minutes or less!