Saturday 22 March 2014

A year in photos - week 12

Happy weekend, I hope this has been a good week for you. Mine has been uneventful but that is good, the kids started swimming lessons, I've been busy with voluntary work and the rain has mostly stayed away! Last Sunday we used our new NT membership again and visited Sheffield Park and I got some snaps I'm proud of.

I managed to get some catch lights in Miss M's eyes and from what I have been reading that is a good thing! I do feel as if I can see right into her through those blue eyes in this picture.

Look at my cheeky girl Miss E, this used to be my shy and demure twin, now she is full of mischief and great fun.

Feeling very love up with my kids this week, here they are again!

This is Sheffield Park gardens - it really is stunning, such a good space to meet friends and for the kids to play together.

This picture was a bit of  mistake but I ended up liking it. I was using a zoom lens to try and focus on a swan quite some distance away and what I actually did was focus on the bush right up close!

Here is a little chap we met while at the park -

Then for a bit of fun here is the moon over Eastbourne beach the other night as dusk fell. We enjoyed a car picnic of fish and chips.

Thanks for stopping by, all your kind comments really brighten my day. Have a blessed weekend, Mich x

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