Friday 21 March 2014

A visit to the Hotter shoe shop

I've been a fan of Hotter shoes for a while now. I have a few pairs, a super comfy pair of boots that have done three winters now, a pair of Leanne trainers that travelled to Ethiopia with me and have covered thousands of miles on my walks and more recently a pair of Jewel pumps and a gorgeous red handbag.

So it is fair to say that I'm not new to Hotter comfort concept shoes. I am however, new to visiting one of their shops, all my dealings with them before have been online via their website. I was excited to see what they had in stock ready for Spring when my blogger visit was organised for the Eastbourne store earlier this week.

I arrived at the shop about 11.30am and approached Hayley the manager, my first words to her were 'wow, is this your busiest day of the year?'.  I could not believe it, there were probably 30 people in the shop actively looking at and trying on shoes, every seat was taken and it is safe to say it was heaving. I stayed in the shop for a good half hour before I tried anything on as I wanted to observe the service. I can honestly tell you that their service is superb, there were four assistants serving multiple customers at a time and Hayley walking the floor overseeing it all, offering help and talking to the customers.

When it came to my turn to try on my shoes I was served by Jess and asked her to try two pairs of shoes, she also bought me back an alternate style as her recommendation. She choose sandals that I would never have looked at in a million years but I thought I ought to try them on and they were super comfy and I might even head back in a month or so to buy them for summer. I was offered everything I needed - footrest, shoe horn etc.  I liked the service as it was attentive but not over bearing.

I choose which shoes I would have to review and was told about how to clean them and preserve them and yes I did end up buying a can of both!  I don't normally get persuaded to buy extras but I do like my new tan 'precious' shoes so much that I want to keep them looking nice. I thought it was really good that Jess reminded me they are a character leather and this means they can scratch and will start to look a little worn. For me this is part of the charm but I know for others that might not be the case, so good to be told I feel.

The Precious shoes come in the regular width fitting for Hotter (which is an E) and they fitted lovely. I do have very wide feet, so knowing this I just went up half a size to try them on and they felt great. Hotter shoes really are fabulously comfortable, just look at that cushioning inside and the flexible rubber sole. The Precious style shoes come in tan, black and blue and retail for £65.00 and they are available in a size 3 through to 9 and the more popular sizes also come in halves too.

It would be easy to look in the window of a Hotter shoe shop and just think the shoes are for a much older lady but don't be put off my some of the clientele, be brave, walk inside and you will see loads of stylish shoes. Mostly flats, some fabulous sandals, great wedges and some very cute heels (what I would call Mary Poppins inspired shoes). It really is worth a good look round or visit the website and browse there.

I also noticed that Hotter sells quite a large range of men's shoes too and I' never picked up on this before, so next time we visit Eastbourne I think I'll have to get my husband to have a look as well.

Many thanks to Hayley and the team at Hotter, Eastbourne. I love my shoes and you are doing a fabulous job.

Disclosure: I received my shoes free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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