Friday 28 March 2014

Finding joy in the every day

Psalm 47:1 - Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.
It is so easy to get tied up in the minutiae of life and to feel like nothing is going right but I truly find that when you allow yourself to wallow in all the bad stuff that is going on, that is when your joy gets sucked away and the downward spiral starts.

The truth is that at the moment I have a cold and whilst I'm not on deaths door I do feel pretty rotten and bed would be the best place for me. As a mother of three whose husband is at work bed is not a place I can entertain visiting at the moment, so instead I am choosing to set my eyes on the joy in the day.

For the last few years I've maintained that we make a choice to be grateful and that often circumstances have little to do with it. You can wake in the morning and think everything will be crap and funny enough the day turns out to be pretty darn rubbish. Or you can choose to desire what you already have, to be content with it and that is when you find you have a joy filled day.

As I don't run my weekly Reasons to be Cheerful linky any more it is even more important that I remind myself of all the reasons I have to be grateful. Of all the things I must thank the Lord for.

Here is an example of the little moments that I want to say thank you for today -

*  Standing by a field watching all the newborn lambs playing and running after their mothers

*  Helping JJ with his homework and knowing there is no more to do this weekend

*  Having my haircut and apparently finding a hairdresser who does a decent job for a good price

*  Eating handmade Belgium chocolates

*  Feeling like I have caught up with my to-do list

And I'm looking forward to a day out tomorrow with our pastoral group to visit Rye and Camber Sands, it should be fab!

Have you chosen to seek the joy in today and to be grateful?  Go on, I challenge you, try it tomorrow. Wake up and be thankful and then every moment of the day take the Polyanna stance and be glad for all you have and find a bright side to every situation.  It really does work.

Be blessed, Mich x

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