Tuesday 4 March 2014

Beans on Toast

I was reminded last night why I started this blog when I received an email from JJ. It is always good to be reminded of why we do things, it is so easy (especially in blogging) to get carried away and to do things for the wrong reasons. Not wrong per see but just wrong for you. This blog started as a journal of the life of my family and here is the latest journal entry!

The email I received was very simple and to the point but JJ was obviously so proud of himself that he took the time to send me a photo and a short email.

This is what it said -

Here is a pic of my first beans on toast (with cheese) made 100% By myself

From JJ!

I had to laugh! Whilst I had been upstairs having a relax, reading my book dh was getting tea for the kids and he had obviously supervised whilst JJ made his own.

Fabulous, so now he can do a cup of tea and beans on toast, any time I'm ill I've got my nursemaid now!

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