Monday 31 March 2014

A family that plays together.....

I've been thinking recently just how true the old saying, 'a family that plays together.... stays together' is. Since we have moved to East Sussex we seem to have fallen into a pattern of going out somewhere fun as a family every week. This normally happens on a Sunday afternoon but it can be any time during the weekend.

We are absolutely blessed to have moved to this part of the country as there is so much here to do and we do not even have to spend much to have fun - thank goodness for beaches, woodland and parks.

I do feel that spending all this time together and just letting ourselves go and having fun is making a real difference to the family dynamic. The kids seem to love getting us to really play with them and make fools of ourselves.

Last night I was chatting to dh about how much I am enjoying all our days out together and he asked me if I felt more relaxed living here.  I had to think for a moment and then replied 'of course, how could I fail to be as I don't have the stress of running to a job anymore and coming too too late to then struggle with tea and bedtimes etc'. He also said he felt differently living here and how much he appreciated being able to sleep in the morning rather than commute into London by train.

Making this massive move and cutting our family income right back has definitely been the best thing for us and I can't imagine ever wanting to enter the rat race again and have to feel as if I need to run, run, run from one place to another just so I can earn money to buy more things or go on more holidays. I'm quite happy down here by the coast with lots of day trips out and made-at-home picnics and no spare cash at the end of the month.

How about you - how often do you get silly with the kids and join in with their fun and games?

Here are just a few pictures of some of our fun times out just recently -

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