Tuesday 26 June 2012

What is your greatest parenting challenge?

Last Friday I met with some other mums and we sat around a table and mused about what challenge is the greatest facing us as parents today. There was probably only one surprise in there for me and it was really enlightening to hear one blogger talk about how heart wrenching she finds the divide between those 'who have' and 'those who don't'.  She showed us this image from the Guardian, depicting a family in Greece who are now living and begging on the streets. I have to say I had not given this much thought as a parenting issue (in general, yes) but she is right, I can remember at school knowing which kids lived in the council estate or those whose parents could not afford the trendy clothes and I am not casting any dispersions on those families but there were visible differences that even young kids can discern.

The other topics discussed were pretty much what I would term as the usual suspects.  I bought up the issue of technology and the impact it has on our children. Trying to limit the time spent on screen media is a job in itself, I know my JJ would happily sit at his PC for the day long and it always make me smile that when I tell him his time is up he thinks perhaps he can get his DS and play on that instead.  Err no, go jump on the trampoline boy!

Which leads me nicely into the next challenge; helping your children to live a healthy life and make wise choices with their food.  In this era of convenience foods and quick fixes it would be really easy for children to inadvertently learn that instant gratification is the name of the game where food is concerned. In opposition to this, another challenge is the worry that our children are growing up in a time where the media is portraying and promoting children to have an unhealthy body image. I have written before about my friends anorexic 10 year old.  Doesn't that make your heart ache? Do I ever want my children to believe that they need to be stick thing with an enormous bust? I think you know the answer to that.

At least three of the six of us at this market research session cited money as their biggest challenge.  I heard about large mortgages committed to whilst both parents are working, families taking big pay cuts to allow more family time and overall less stress and generally about how family life can change and cause massive money worries. Family can take on many different guises these days and this presents loads of unique situations. How do you provide what your child needs and pay all the bills without working yourself to death in 2012?

Many other issues were talked about but I won't give everything away, because what I would love to do is encourage you to share what is the big challenge that you face as a parent?  In this day and age there are so many pressures, which take you to boiling point?

It might be the same as one of those I have mentioned or it could be completely different.  There is no wrong answers, this is about you. The market research company that I met with today with love to hear from more parents about their challenges and for your time taken commenting, you will be entered into a draw to win a £25 voucher for Amazon.

So come on and tell me - 'what is the single biggest parenting challenge facing you today?' 

To enter - Just leave me a comment answering the above question and let me know the ages of your child/ children.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

* The giveaway will close at 12 noon 6th July 2012
* The winner will be picked within 4 working days of the end time
* You need to respond within 7 days or I will choose another winner
* One valid comment will be picked at random
* I will organise a £25 Amazon gift voucher for the winner
* The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative

Disclaimer:  I attended a market research session and have been asked to blog on the subject of parenting challenges. I have not at all been instructed what to write.

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