Thursday 7 June 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - B is for.... (Week 23)

Hello all, Did you have a wonderful long weekend off work?  I sure hope so.  I really enjoyed being home, but such a shame the rain came and messed with much of it. My lawn still needs doing!

I am following on from last week with the letter theme and thus this week I am grateful for all things starting with B and of course the obvious one to start with is -
  • Blogging - To be honest at the moment I think my blogging mojo has gone on holiday as I am not feeling that inclined to blog but I am by no means giving up blogging.  It does generally give me lots of joy, some wonderful experiences and opportunities that I would not get otherwise and of course some super bloggy chums.
  • BritMums Live - Only a couple of weeks until this big bloggy conference and I just know it will be loads of fun.  It is a little daunting for me as so many new things are happening for me there but I will be just fine with my friends by my side.
  • My Boy - We popped into town on Monday to pick up a couple of bits and there was free face painting, which of course the girls wanted.  So JJ asked if he could walk down to Smiths on his own and buy some Euro 12 stickers.  I let him do this and all seemed fine and then this man walked up to me and asked if he was my son. 'Oh dear' thinks I, but I need not have worried as it turns out he wanted to congratulate me on having such a lovely polite boy, who apparently conducted himself impeccably. Go JJ!
  • Bank Holidays - We have had some good fun this long weekend, it was so nice to be together as a family and seeing lovely friends, so I'll share some photos from our Sunday trip to Hyde Park for the Sainsburys Family Festival (which I'm sorry Sainsburys was a wash out!) but luckily the kids had a wonderful time, due to seeing their little mate J.

Sorry I have just realised that I did not visit anyone last week, so do feel free to ignore me this week and not leave a comment  ;-). I will endeavour to come and visit this weekend but I am off to visit my Nan again as hopefully she is coming out of hospital. Blogging just seems to be taking a back seat to real life right now but I am sure you would all agree, that is the way it should be.

So now over to you, what is making you cheerful right now? Link your blog post up, go visit some others in the linky and leave them some comment love and I am sure they will do the same back. Tweet with the hashtag #R2BC if you fancy and most of all enjoy and smile!

Have a great week, Mich x
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