Tuesday 19 June 2012

Has anyone seen my Blogging Mojo?

Do not laugh, this is a deadly serious post! I have been thinking of taking out a classified ad...

Public Announcement

Michelle of Mummy from the Heart fame (what, stop giggling, I am famous) seems to have carelessly lost her blogging mojo. 

Have you seen it? 

Is it possible that when she has seen you at a recent event that you might have taken it by mistake?  Or do you think it may just wear off with time?

Michelle is keen to see her blogging mojo return as she really does not have enough other things to be doing with her time.  She is keen to get back to a position where she can post on a daily basis and then she will not have to attempt to make small talk with her husband, play with her children nor clean the house. All things that take up precious blogging time.

The lack of photos on Michelle's camera and phone have been a sure sign that her mojo is missing. Michelle even managed to have two nights out in a row last weekend.  Something that surely could not have been done, had her mojo been in-tact!

The little heart flip that used to happen when offers for reviews or invites to events dropped into her email inbox seems to have gone as well, replaced by a heavy heart that just cannot be arsed to do anything or attend anything.

If you know where Michelle's mojo might have gone to then please do get in touch by sending an email to enjoyingthebreak@freedom.com.

See you soon (if I can be arsed of course!).  Mich x

PS: This is sort of how I feel about my blogging at the moment!

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