Sunday 14 August 2011

Short N Tweet Journey of a Blog!

You might have seen my recent blog post that I posted in tweets.  I had quite a few comments from people saying they liked the style so I have designed myself a badge and I will post every so often (you know, when the mood takes me) in a tweet style. As someone who has a tendency to ramble this will help to keep me 'Short N Tweet'  (get it, see what I did there?  OK, stop laughing AT ME!)

A post I have been thinking about for some time is how my blog came about and grew and changed. So today I give you the journey of Mummy from the Heart...

#10 February 2008
Blog, good idea. OK, I'll give it a go.  Create it and call it what?  'My Life', that is as good a name as any!

#15 February 2008
Hard work this blogging lark, where do I find the time with 2 x 7 month old babies and a 4 year old? Think I might have to give it a miss!

#19 March 2009
OK, I need to try again.  Blog attempt number 2. Change the name or keep it as 'My Life'?  Keep it, it is what it is!

#24 April 2009
Attend my first eating disorders meeting, start my online journey of my obsession with food.

#6 August 2009
Enjoying blogging, I have an audience of 5, never had a comment but keep posting and enjoying.  Change my blog name to 'Mummy from the Heart...'

#24 December 2009
Have discovered the world of mummy blogs, been following a couple for months. Just realised I have one. Should I open my blog for public viewing? Start to comment on others.

#4 January 2010
Receive my first comment from the super nice Jen at the Mad House. Had no idea that leaving a comment at hers would direct her to mine. EKK!

#8 January 2010
I am OUT there!  How scary is that? Received 2 comments, have joined British Mummy Bloggers and am holding my pants as scared of what people think!

#16 February 2010
Have been enjoying blogging immensely. Not today though, not included in a bloggers carnival - feel all sad and as if I do not belong!

#17 February 2010
Realise I have become too involved in blogging, decide to give it up for Lent and gain some perspective.

#20 April 2010
Return from my Lent break and reveal I am pregnant.  Back blogging with a fiery passion!

#26 April 2010
My sad new, I've had a missed miscarriage.  Blogging helped me so much through this time and I pray helped others too.

#9 May 2010
An odd to my little twins and my most popular post so far at this point.  I was stoked when I received about 9 comments! How things change, now that is a pretty regular post.

#28 May 2010
Have to smile, found a Dear So and So post which mentions I now have 45 subscribers. Have started to use Twitter as well, I HATE it!

#9 June 2010
Sign up for Technorati and Tots100, a whole new world I am launching into....

#22 June 2010
Posted about blog rolls and received a fabulous response, boasted my bloggy confidence no end!

#17 July 2010
A comical post about chatting about sex with JJ!  One still enjoyed now. Ranked 181 in the Tots100, yay!

#25 August 2010
The day I realised just how many visitors/ comments something like #thegallery can pull in. Now at about 80 subscribers.

#16 September 2010
Moving into a new arena, my first review post.  I think I do OK! Also starting to enjoy Twitter, boy did it take me some time to get it!

#24 October 2010
Still loving blogging, trying a more controversial post this time - Does my 3 year old really need a DS?  Have set up a Facebook fan page, why?  because I am such a follower!

#15 November 2010
First blogger event, a superb day out at Santa's Magical Kingdom.  I sure hope we get to go again this year!

#22 November 2010
My first giveaway post, a whole 24 entries  and about 400 page views, I was so excited then! Bless me. I had tried so hard.

#28 November 2010
My first Silent Sunday post, boy how different it was then, just a handful of us!

#9 December 2010
Hosting my first Multiples Mayhem carnival - it went well.  I felt really pleased.

#31 December 2010
A different NYE post to most, I decided to share the love and recommend some great bloggers

#4 January 2011
I have joined the crew, I now have a review blog too!

#6 January 2011
Reasons to be Cheerful (or #R2BC) goes live for the first time, we are now on wk 31, how time flies!

#5 February 2011
After a post in January recommending some new blogs and another sharing some blogger tips I host New Bloggers Fortnight, giving a forum for new bloggers to post advice to each other

#11 March 2011
Create the One Word Meme and ask how do you perceive me?  Receive 61 positive and beautiful comments, all is well in the world of blogging!

#1 April 2011
Start to do rather well in the Wikio parenting chart, I am at number 7!  Whoop, whoop

#12 April 2011
My first attempt at creative writing is so well received.  I am Beautiful is a post that resonated with my readers

#24 May 2011
Hosting my first Brit Mums carnival with about 60 entries. Confessions from imperfect parents was a popular theme! lol Found out I was a finalist in the Family Life category of the MADs.

#20 June 2011
Created my second meme, I thought it was nice but it crashed spectacularly.  No-one carried it on!  Opps

#14 August 2011
Today: 555 subscribers, 1800 twitter followers, 668 blog posts, ranked 34 in Tots100 (out of over 2500 blogs) ranked 6 in Wikio, MADS finalist.  Local girl done good!

Thanks for sticking with me and reading/ commenting.  It makes my day when someone new creeps out and say hi.

I am having some time away from blogging this week, enjoying being with my family so I'll respond to all comments etc in a week or so.

Mich x
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