Monday 1 August 2011

Making Sensible Choices...

So I bet that post title made you want to come on over and read didn't it?  Super sexy hey, but I am pleased to say that in the last week or so I have been making some sensible choices and the honesty is that they are not super sexy but they are so necessary for my sanity.

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Let me give you just a couple of examples of the kind of good choices I have made recently -
  • I needed to buy bread, milk and fruit, nothing else and normally I would pop into Asda as I drive home (I can go right past it) but I realised that if I went in there with the girls I would want to look at (and buy) clothes that we do not need and the girls may well con me into buying them a comic or something. So we went to Morrisons where I find nothing interesting and just bought the three needed items.
  • I was buying myself a new book the other day, just a nice easy read and the deal was £3.99 for one of £10 for three.  Well my bargain hunters brain clicked in and said 'yes good saving, do it!' but thankfully the more sensible part of me recalled all the books I have at home that have not yet been read and just bought the one I needed for that day.
These are small things but they are small things that I have noticed happening and they have pleased me. They are minor miracles for a spendthrift like me. I believe that everything in life is a choice, we do not get where we are by chance.  Every action has a consequence, this was one of the reasons I started the Reasons to be Cheerful linky, I wanted to give myself a better than average chance of happiness by choosing to be grateful and delighting in the things I had.

Love the life you live they say! 

The secret is to want what you already have and then cherish it. So 2011 is all about that for me and I really think some of it is sinking in now.  I do not know if perhaps my listening to my Thinking Slimmer slimpod each night is also helping with my change in thinking and choices too. What I am hoping is that by starting to make sane choices generally in my life I can carry this over to my eating habits.  Then in the future when faced with the choice to eat unnecessarily or not, I can choose not to.  What bliss that freedom from food obsession will be!

Thank you Lord that I have again connected with you in the last week, reading my bible each day, praying and going to Church makes a massive difference in my ability to rely on you and hand over the tough stuff.  I am eternally grateful.

Linking up with Liska for the Monday #Mumentum linky.

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