Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Calm after the Storm! #TheGallery

Last week we were away on holiday, we had a super amazing time and looking at this picture you would be forgiven for thinking that we went to a really hot and exciting foreign destination.

Sandy beach, blue sky, blue sea, never-ending coastline, strange child wearing a hoodie when it was nearly about 80 degrees!

These pictures were actually taken at Sandbanks a beautiful white-sand beach in Poole, Dorset. For the cost of £4.50 parking we had 3 good hours of family fun on the sand.

This was one of those days when you made memories. Simple and special memories. Of 3 generations taking time out to be together, no media, no books just old-fashioned fun! 'Mum, do you remember when you buried JJ and Dad chucked sand right in his mouth!' 'or what about when we went wave jumping Mum and Nan and Grandad were there too?'. Nothing expensive, nothing too fancy but oh so special.

We built Miss E a special sand chair for Princesses (look at that smile, priceless)

Nanny and Miss M seemed to like it too!

The girls got brave and fed the seagulls.  Only when Mummy went looking for the packet of chocolate chip cookies was it revealed that Daddy had passed those over as good bird food! (If you ever see a fat seagull, you'll know why now!).

and like I mentioned we buried JJ and he loved it, he wanted his hat on like Daddy Pig does in Peppa!

Perhaps you are now wondering why I titled this post the calm after the storm?  It is not metaphorical, nothing clever about the title.  It is very literal.  These beach photos were all taken on Friday 12th August (World Photography Day) and the very day before Bournemouth and Poole had freak storms and flooding.  Just look at this photo below, have you ever seen water gushing from the prom onto the beach and back into the sea?  No, me neither!

Image Credit
This one day record of a day in our family life is my entry for this weeks Gallery.  Tara asked all participants to take a photo/ capture a moment on World Photography Day for this weeks Gallery.  Fancy taking a look through a virtual photo album? Head over to Sticky Fingers then.
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