Tuesday 9 August 2011

A man called Grandad!

Last week I spent a few days at my parents house with the kids, we had a lovely time. It was nothing flash, just some low-key family time with soft play, parks and meals out - all very enjoyable.  I'll tell you something that really tickled me though...

and that was watching my Dad with my kids.  He has been a Grandad for near on eight years now, with my JJ being his first grandchild and then my girls being his other ones. The thing is that for the last eight years he has been an overworked and knackered grandad working full time (or even 6 days in a week) doing a job that requires him to walk about 15 miles a day and that is just too much for any 65 year old man.  Back in April Dad went down to working 3 days a week and I saw the difference on this trip to stay at my family home.  Just look below, after a meal at the Harvester he was outside with the kids and then he just took off and it was like a scene from Benny Hill (remember that?) with the kids chasing after him, those 10 minutes were sheer fun for them all and pretty enjoyable for Mum and I to watch too!

Whilst we were staying there I also found him reading stories to the girls or getting up early in the morning with them to watch some kiddie TV.  Soon we are off on holiday and my parents are coming too, I am really looking forward to seeing him relaxed and having fun with the kids, he is the champion sandcastle maker after all!

Here is a little slide show of some of the beautiful pictures I have of my Dad with his beloved Grandchildren. Yes he can be tetchy, moany, grumpy and many other things beside but overriding he is always loving, giving and available any time I need to call on him.

Thank you Dad xx

Ohh and lets give you a little laugh before you go! I am so dippy, days ago I came up with the title for this post and I have been humming 'A man called Grandad' to myself to a particular tune, thinking there was a song a few years back by the Jam called 'A man called Alice'.  Err no Mich, 'A town called Malice' was the actual song title!  Ohh I make myself smile sometimes!
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