Friday 4 March 2011

When I was Small.....I made Domino Trails!

Dressed up as a clown for the Brownie Jamboree

Recently, I have been thinking about childhood play a lot. Not too sure what prompted it but it has led to this post, a great conversation on twitter and also a post for this weekend.

I am not the kind of Mum that wants to be involved with my child's play all the time. Don't get me wrong, I do not think I am neglectful, I am just not that interested in all types of childhood play and having more than one child makes this easier, as they can play together.

I consider my own Mum to be a really great Mum and I was trying to remember how much I played with her when I was young and to be honest I can not recall that much. I know from talking to my Mum that she used to do lots of play with my brother and I, and I also remember being encouraged to play independently.

When I was small my Mum worked at a local school as a cleaner and the whole family used to go. Both my Mum and Dad would do the cleaning so it would take half the time and my brother and I would play with the other kids whose Mums used to clean. My Mum must have done this for quite a number of years and I thought it was fabulous, such fun to explore the school and chat with the caretaker, who had a soft spot for my little brother. Mr Joyce would chat away about tomato ketchup sandwiches and how they were his favourite. Isn't it funny that over 30 years later I still recall this?

I do think the memory is a very strange thing. Some really important stuff is just not there anymore or it is buried so deep that I have no idea where it is but then funny things I remember, like the infants school have a middle courtyard with a sandpit in the middle that we all played in. I also remember being intrigued by the tiny child size toilets!

My favourite part of my Mum and Dad doing this job was the big clean in the summer holidays. We would practically spend a whole day in the school, while it was deserted by everyone else and I would get to explore and play any imaginary game that I fancied. I recall us taking domino magic with us and setting it up in the large hall. A massive big trail of domino's that I used to rejoice in knocking down and building again and again, ohh the pleasure of being under 10 years old. As well as domino's there was always an abundance of colouring in, playing with my Sindy dolls and of course my brother would take his beloved lego.

At this same school I attended the Brownie group and I loved this.  Thinking about it makes me think of a red and white toadstool, small brownie books, a 'pack' suitcase filled with goodies, doing my hostess badge making tiny sandwiches and tea for my Mum and being part of the Elf pack.  Such useful information that I have stored away for a rainy day!

I have such a fond nest towards my days as a youngster, I was completely blessed to have been born into a family who really wanted me and always made enough time and money for anything that I needed. As a young child my Dad was a milkman working from 4am, he then used to help my Mum clean at the school and then they would both sit and work at home making plugs in the evening. No need to wonder where my strong work ethic comes from? Thanks Mum and Dad for giving me a great insight to what it is to be a working yet attentive parent.

This wonderful upbringing is some of what makes me want to help others, you know those people less fortunate than us.  We can all do something to help, no matter how small. It is Red Nose Day on 18th March, that is pretty soon really.  Could you host a coffee morning at home? Donate a days wages? Write a blog post to raise awareness?  There is your challenge, do something!  Anything, it does not matter what it is, as long as you make one small step towards helping someone less fortunate.

OK preach over, I can't seem to stop myself att he moment!  Thanks for reading.

I have written this post prompted by Ella at Notes from Home. This week she asked us to share a childhood memory. Each week she runs a Friday Carnival with a different theme. Let me just say she is fab, such a nice blogger but also a great writer. You need to go and visit her...

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