Saturday 5 March 2011

The Curse of my Second Instinct!

Standing in the kitchen sorting the dishwasher, when I hear squeals of laughter coming from the garden, how nice I think.  I do love that the girls enjoy playing together, peek out the window and whoops, what on earth are they up to.  Mummy instinct kicks in and I rapidly push my way to the back door and out into the garden. 'Girls, you will hurt yourselves, get off now...',  'Oh Mum' says one of them 'but...' starts the other. 

Then, oh my goodness what is this taking over me?  It is that dreaded second instinct, I am sure you know the one.  See something funny and in kicks the blogger instinct, quick where is my camera? 'Oh all right, hang on then' I shout to them behind me and off I run to the kitchen, far quicker than I ran out in the first place, you know the worst may happen now, they might move and I may miss THE shot!

So what where they up to?  Well, the girls had decided that it would be fun to ride their scooters on the trampoline and really, it did look like a lot of fun.  Luckily once I had sent a completely mixed message I did insist that we remove the scooters from the trampoline so that there would not be any trips to A and E, well not for yesterday anyway!

Does anyone else suffer with this curse?  Darn you blogging for making me such a bad mother, who now wants to capture all sorts on camera....

See Miss M actually bouncing while riding her scooter.  Daredevil!

Come on make me feel better, are you a bad Mummy too?
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