Thursday 17 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 - Week 11 Link Up Today!

My reasons for being cheerful this week -
  1. The meme I created last Friday is slowly working its way round the parenting blogging sphere (and maybe even further afield for all I know).  I am loving watching it move and discovering new blogs.  It puts a massive smile on my face to think that loads of people might be feeling affirmed and good about themselves.  Yay!
  2. It looks as if Miss M's chickenpox are coming out, she did catch it off her sister.  Why, you may ask is this a good thing?  Well we have Peppa Pig World a week on Saturday, London Zoo the Saturday after and then we are off to Spring Harvest, so praise the Lord the contagious bit will be out the way before all the fun starts....
  3. I know I had this reason last week, but it has to appear again! This is such a biggie for me.  You might have read my post about giving up compulsive overeating for Lent and I am pleased to report that at the moment God is holding me and helping me to refrain from compulsive eating (in the main, I'm am not perfect!).
  4. I feel like I know what I am doing with my new job now.  I have really enjoyed this week and had something to get my teeth into.  Miss M having chickenpox will be a bit of a spanner in the works,  but I will get through it.
As I said before do not be constrained by 3 reasons, write as many or as few as you like.  Change the format for your posts if you fancy.  As long as you are happy/ cheerful/ grateful/ thankful then write your post and link up to spread a massive dose of positivity.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart
There is the badge, if you want to add it to your post and don't forget to take the blog hop code from below the linky and paste this into your blog so that new readers can jump from blog... to blog and also promote your post and the link up by tweeting with the hashtag #Reasons2BCheerful

Remember to go and visit some others on the blog hop and leave them an encouraging comment and feel free to leave me a comment too, I love them as much as the next person and will always come back and say hi if you leave me a comment on my Reasons post.

..and before you go, I must remember to point you over to Maxabella's I'm Grateful for... link up.  Join up your reasons post there and make some new Aussie friends.

Of course Jen's Blog gems is still open too. Link up every other Sunday and air your archives.

Wishing you a fabulous week, Mich x
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