Tuesday 22 March 2011

Introducing my CyberMummy Sponsor...

I have been keeping this under my hat for months now and at last I feel the time is right to reveal to you who my sponsor is for CyberMummy.  To say I am excited to be going to Cybermummy is an understatement, in fact I am pretty terrified. I know of many lovely bloggy friends going and I can not wait to meet them all but....  I am a little scared as to what they may think of me.  Another post to follow on that shortly.

Anyway back to the matter at hand.  Who is my sponsor?

Have I bagged a massive baby brand?

Did I score with a fabulous days out venue?

Will you be getting a ton of fab freebies from my sponsor?

The answer is no to each of those, sorry!  The good news is that you do not have to look at any advertising on my site!

But it would be true to say that my sponsor can be a bit of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Just look at this photo on a Mr Hyde day, arrgghh.  Enough to put you off your dinner!

Some call her 'The Painted Lady!' and others know her by a different name.  Do you recognise her?  Pretty scary isn't she.  I better do a good job on her behalf on the day and pick up all the latest news and blogging tips.

Want to see what she looks like on a better day? OK this one might ring a few bells!

I have made the decision not to take a sponsor.  I was toying with the idea before Christmas but to be honest I can afford to go and therefore would love all the sponsors to go to people who could not be there otherwise. Also, I was only ever going to take a sponsor if I could be completely behind their brand and that would have been pretty tough as I am a picky old bird!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mich x
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