Thursday 31 March 2011

Notes From The Heart...

Dear So and So...

It has been a long time since I last wrote a notes from the heart post!  Far too long....  I love the 'Dear So and So' link up that Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow created and I have been remiss in not joining in recently.  So I aim to kick myself up the bum and start it again.  I remember when I used to do these posts regularly, they were always the ones that people would say to me they loved.

So off we go....

Dear JJ

Boy do we have some ups and downs with you little man. I feel so proud of you right now, you are trying really hard at school, your teacher tells me that he can see the immense effort you are making and I am really loving the fun that we have together.  My heart swells when I realise that Daddy and I are doing OK and you are growing up to be a delight.

When we saw the child psychologist last week for your next consultation in this long line of assessments towards finding out if you have learning difficulties you conducted yourself really well and gave me the space to talk to the Consultant.  It was nice to meet with a professional who understood what I was saying and recognised that there could be a real need that you require help with. It will be interesting to see what your occupational therapy assessment brings up and once you finally have your full communications disorder assessment in the next year we will know much more but for now I feel that it is a good thing that you are in the system and now have a professional championing your case.

Thank you babe for being you.  You make my life so much richer.

Mummy xxx


Miss M

Thank the Lord that you are on the path to being well again.  Chickenpox really knocked you for six didn't it? You can be such hard work at times. How stubborn can a 3 year old be?  Your definance is not OK young lady, as I have told you many times before I am the boss and you will do as you are told.  This is not because I am a mean Mummy but because it is my job to teach you right from wrong and also some manners.  I love you with a passion that is untrue but you have to stop pushing me to the brink.  You are such fun when you are behaving yourself and life is much easier for us all.

Here's hoping for a good week....

Mummy (who loves you soooo much!) xxx


Miss E

Yes you can be stubborn at times and have some funny, quirky little ways but generally you are an absolute delight, where did you come from?  I am sure you are not really one of my children.  This beautiful mellow manner that you have is totally unfamiliar to someone as manic as me.

Thank you baby for providing me with a little bit of tranquility.

Mummy xxx


Dear blog,

I love you but why do you absorb me so much? I seem to have got in this awful habit of blogging every day and it is not even because I feel I have to it is because I have so many posts brewing in my head that I need to get them out but I do wonder how I will sustain this, so you may just see a few less from me and that will be a good thing.

Your master!

To my wonderful readers,

I love you and value you.  Each and every one of you, whether you pop in every day or just stop by twice a year, you are what make my blog what it is. Whenever I used to post one of these notes from the heart I used to tell you I had X number of followers and that my next target would be X.  Well, I think I have come of age since then, as I now have over 330 followers on here, 180 on my review blog and over 500 subscribed through feedburner.  I feel OK now, I do not need to set another target.  Currently I sit at number 13 in the Tots100 parenting chart and 9 in the Wikio parenting chart and I feel pretty darn proud. My aim has always been to keep my blog as an honest reflection of me and all that is important to me and I think it does that.

Cheers all, Mich x

To my food obsession,

I hate you, I want you out of my life.  If only I did not have to eat, things would be so much easier.  One day this big issue will be solved but for now I need to put one foot in front of the other and keep going....

I need to learn to love myself from the inside out.  Another blog post on this coming real soon.

Unhappy in Herts!
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