Saturday 26 February 2011

What were you Born to do? It's a Big Question!

Right now I am sitting here with a big lump in my throat, I am on the verge of tears and I can hardly breath.  What I want to do is cry my eyes out at the injustice in our world but I won't do that, as although it may make me feel better, it will actually help no-one!  So what I will do is tap away at this keyboard and put my thoughts out for all to see......  and hope that my tiny inept mutterings will affect even just one person and make them think about our world and what they can do to help.

Today there was a conference in London for bloggers, held by Save the Children and I was unable to go as right now my husband is in India. Mumbai today I believe but he has been in an area called Latur, he has been living amongst some of the poorest people; playing with children in a  local orphanage, being with people in a Leprosy colony and meeting widows and people outcast who need help.  I fully expect him to come home a changed man and through this my life may change too. As Christians we believe it is our duty and honour to be able to give to those less fortunate in any way that we can.  I know that many believe charity starts at home and take it back 10 years and I may have felt the same way but I have changed and I am so glad I have. Since we changed our thinking to give first we have been blessed in so many ways. It takes some faith to give before you meet your monthly obligations but from my experience you are richly rewarded for your faithfulness.

Before dh went away he looked at our finances and felt there was £200 he could take with him without us being in dire straits.  You may be thinking, that is OK for you, you can obviously afford it but let me tell you we have a hole in our bathroom ceiling at the moment and a suspected leak causing it but how does this compare to the 3 courses of medication for 12 months that this £200 will provide for some unfortunate people suffering with Leprosy?  It is a no brainer to me, human life has to come before a decorative matter in our warm and safe house.

Save the Children's campaign Born To is really touching my heart at the moment.  How can it possibly be right that in this day and age 8 million under 5 year olds die needlessly every year?  Doesn't that make you want to scream?  It just rips my heart in half.  I feel so small and insignificant and I could feel defeatest and say 'well what can I do, I am just one person' but if we all join together, we are more than just 1 person, we are a very big and powerful voice and we can make a difference.  Sign up to the Born to campaign and find out what you can do.  Yes you can donate but there are lots of other things too.  Raising awareness is also very important and many of you reading this will be bloggers and you have the platform to be able to help with that awareness.  Write a blog post, put a twibbon on your twitter and facebook profile and start conversations with people, ask them what they were born to do. Simple things...but when we all come together and join forces we can make a difference.

Watch this, please watch this....  don't just turn it off and think it does not affect you.  It will take just 3 minutes and then I ask you to take time to think about what you were born to do?

Were you born to teach, run, sing, organise events, look after children, cook, make things?  Whatever it is, think about using that skill to make some money for Save the Children in the next month.  Every penny counts.

No child should die needlessly, every child is born to shine - they just need the chance!

As for me, I am sat here thinking about what I was born to do and I do not really know.  I pray one day I will work for God and do something really worthwhile, but for now I know these few simple facts:

I was born to ... Care
I was born to...  Give (money, time...)
I was born to...  Speak up

What about you?  Think you can join me for those 3?
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