Sunday 13 February 2011

Pick of the New Parenting Bloggers- part 2

A short while, back I published a list of new blogs that I had found and was enjoying.  Here is instalment 2 of the same.

Choc Orange City Mum - This city banker/Mum started her blog in January as a way of trying something new after her very sad miscarriage on Christmas day. In 2 short months she has gained 63 followers and given herself a nice little blog makeover. Definitely one to watch for the future...

The Boy and Me - What a lovely blog, you can tell this Mummy has a real dedication to her little man. Some super pictures in the 365 project and she is currently dreaming of money trees, white chocolate truffles and an extra 4 or 5 hours in the day.  Oh and you must check out her post about the things they do not tell you when you are pregnant.  Classic!

Alexander Residence - Penny started this blog last September and it is the full package.  She won the Fresh Voice category in the Brilliance in Blogging awards earlier this year and it was very well deserved.  Penny is having a sad time at the moment so visit her and say hi.

This Mid 30's Life - Another blogger been going since September and this one is really funny. You know those lucky people who just seem to be able to be funny without trying?  Yes, this lady seems like one of those chosen few and she recently won the Brilliance in Blogging award for the funniest post.  Go on have a read HERE.

Unpacked Mummy - A great blog which has only been going for a couple of months.  Unpacked Mummy spent 19 months travelling with her daughter and this blog now records her time back in the UK.  A mixture of topical and mummy posts, it makes a great read, there have been some incredibly powerful posts.

Of course it goes without saying that you should also go visit and follow all my fabulous guest posters from new bloggers fortnight-

Qwerty Mum
Metal Mummy
Inside the Wendy House
Show and Tell
Ghost Writer Mummy
SAHM Loving It
Bod for Tea

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I will welcome ghostwritermummy, who wants to share with us why it is important to find your own blogging voice and be honest.
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