Wednesday 11 August 2010


Tomorrow is a new day, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will live in the day and savour the moment

Tomorrow I will not yearn after things I do not have

Tomorrow I hope the sun will shine

Tomorrow I do not have to get up for work

Tomorrow I will laze in my PJ's and enjoy a snuggle in bed with my little ladies

Tomorrow I am a lucky Mummy as I get to spend a whole day with my girls

Tomorrow holds a fun picnic and playdate with good friends

Tomorrow's dinner is already prepared

Tomorrow I go to my ED meeting in the evening and get to spend time with people who 100% accept and love me

Tomorrow is 1 day away from Friday when my Dad is coming up to finish decorating the new playroom

Tomorrow is only 2 days away from my girls weekend to Birmingham (a make over, meal out, dancing at Flares, sleeping out with the girls and time to be Mich)

Tomorrow is 3 days from my birthday

Tomorrow is unknown and I am looking forward to exploring it .......
What does your tomorrow hold?
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