Monday 9 August 2010

Grace in Small Things

I have read a couple of lovely blog posts today (you can read them here and here) which have reminded me yet again how lucky I am and also that I need to acknowledge God for all the blessings he bestows on my life. So here are the things I am finding Grace in today -

  1. Wonderful work colleagues who keep the ship afloat while I am not there and do a sterling job.

  2. A good visit to the doctors, my coil is doing a marvellous job. My awful periods and terrible pain are at bay right now.

  3. Mt garage conversion which is now 99% finished and we have space.... yay.

  4. My Dad who came this weekend and did tons of decorating for us.

  5. My lovely brother who has been working like a trojan to get all my electrics sorted.

  6. My Mum for just being her, being the backbone to the family, supporting us all in all the non-glamorous jobs and having my little man for the next 10 days (I miss him already).

  7. My dh for having Miss M in bed with him all last night when she felt poorly and letting me sleep in JJ's room so I got an uninterrupted night

  8. Being woken by Miss E at 6.30am for snuggles ('Has JJ said you can sleep in here Mummy?')

  9. Having been abstinent for over a week now. I have been acting sanely around food, it is a minor miracle.

Do you know what? I could keep going on and on today. I feel so blessed but my lunch break has ended and I better do some work.

Love to all, Mich x
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