Thursday 5 August 2010

The Gallery: Playtime with the Grandparents!

Yet another fab gallery prompt this week. I have just spent an hour enjoying myself reviewing the last few months of our lives through all the photos I have taken. I realise we are a family who have fun. Those that play together, stay together - that is what they say! How marvellous.

A while back (about the end of May I think) we had a lovely weekend staying with my parents and their new puppy and here are some of the photos that show what a great time we had. Just look at those content giggling faces - sheer bliss.
I am so lucky to have such young at heart parents and I can not wait for my Dad to retire as then everyday he will feel refreshed and happy and the stress and anxiety will leave him, making him the best Grandad in the world...... and yes Mum I think it goes without saying that you are the best Nanny. You know the unanimous answer if we asked three small gorgeous people.

Blissfully happy eating their smarties after a good run around at the soft play centre.

Miss M enjoys a ride on Mummy's shoulders.

The local skate park is great fun for a couple of 60 year olds! It would not surprise me if they come here without the kids too.

JJ and Nanny enjoy playing basketball. The girls and Archie want to get in on the act too!
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