Tuesday 6 October 2020

Changes to Make Your Website Perform Better

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{This is a collaborative post}

Let’s start from the beginning. How long has your website been around for? In this day and age, if it's over five years then you probably need to start thinking about a redesign. Or maybe you just had a redesign, but your results are as good as you expected?

With technological diversity and online trend patterns changing constantly, responsive web design is the key to open the door to your audience online and to encourage and retain new visitors.

You may have heard Digital Marketing Agencies refer to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before, but what is it all about? Well, SEO means editing your site with the objective of delivering an a great user experience which equates to your website ranking high in the search results of Google. But the key questions is, of course, how do you deliver that kind of experience?

Creating SEO Friendly Content

Nowadays, it is not just enough to take time writing great content, you also need to add in time to decide which words are the key to people finding your article in the future. Then do some keyword research nd once you start writing you'll actually keep your article more on topic.

Keyword research entails taking one word and exploring how it is used online. You’ll want to pick a keyword that is relevant to the product or service you’re offering/ writing about and then ensure the main keyword along with some variations are mentioned throughout your written text.

Stockport website design agencies are more than happy to complete a site audit for you and give you direction on the best keywords to use for your site. The effectiveness of each keyword is driven by the SERP features that keyword carries with it.

To ensure the keywords you implement are operating effectively on your site, be sure to update your website regularly and engage a secure web host provider. You'll also need a SSL certificate for your site to show legitimacy online. Of course, speed and device responsiveness should be performing at the highest possible level to achieve a positive online user experience too.

Check Out The Competition

Evaluating your main competitors can help you get a better understanding of the online elements that they take into serious consideration and which are probably helping them to exceed.

Just as we’ve discussed, it could be as simple as utilising keywords or it could be down to the types of media and capabilities their website possess. When you begin to compare a website to your own, it will be easy to see which features your website is lacking, so take note! Are their images stock or original? How long is their text? Are their contact details easy to find? Is the site easy to navigate? How quickly does it load? etc. There are plenty of questions to ask yourself and it might be an idea to draw up a list before your investigtae your competitors. 

Relevancy is key, however, so make sure you only take note of features that would enhance your site and ones you are willing to implement. If you can keep a user engaged on your website for longer, and thus have a lower bounce rate, then you stand a better chance of ranking higher across search engines such as Google. Features such as associated posts and suggestions of what the reader might like to read next can help to keep users on your site for longer. 

Stockport website design agencies have the expert knowledge to guide your company into the 21st Century of search engine success. Whether you want to just start your SEO journey, or make further amendments so your site can reach number one, there are many simple adjustments which can open your door to success.

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