Friday 9 October 2020

The Ten Accessories Every Pushchair Should Have

Photo by Yan from Pexels

{This is a collaborative post}

Finding the perfect pushchair can be a hard task, so here are a few suggestions for must-have accessories that could help your pushchair become as close to perfect (for you) as possible. Things have come on a lot in the 17 years since my JJ was a baby, so there is no excuse not to have something that really works for you nowadays.

1 Bumper Bar

These are normally included when buying a pushchair, yet we often find ourselves taking them off as they seem to get in the way when you're removing a sleeping baby or struggling toddler. However, they can be very useful, not only are they a great added safety feature but they can be used to attach toys to and keep your little one entertained. I'll always remember my little JJ used to pull himself up to sitting when I had put the back down and he didn't want to sleep. He couldn't have done that without his front bumper bar!

2 Rain Cover

Here in the UK, it is bound to rain especially during the autumn and winter months. It is not guaranteed that your purchase will include a Raincover for pushchairs, crazy right? So if your pushchair doesn't already come with a one, or if you have damaged yours then we definitely recommend getting a rain cover.

3 Parasol/ Baby Shade

A great way to protect your little one from the sun and UV rays is to buy a parasol that attaches easily to the side of your pushchair, or a by shade that you can place over the buggy. Do make sure you buy an approved one though, so your little one doesn't overheat.

4 Footmuff

In the colder months, a footmuff is a great addition to your pushchair. You can get waterproof ones and some are lined with fleece to keep your baby extra snug. They are a great alternative to blankets and socks, as these almost always end up being dragged along the ground or lost. Also, in the really cold weather, it means you don't have to dress your babe in a snowsuit and it is easier to transfer them from the outside to indoors without having to wake them as you undress them.

5 Buggy Clips

These are a great accessory for when you need to hang something on the pushchair. We all do it when we're out shopping and the bags never seem to stay on, so invest in some strong clips that can hold up your shopping and don't forget to spread any bags evenly to avoid toppling the pushchair over. At the moment buggy clips are also great to be able to hang your mask from too.

6 Buggy Board

If you have a toddler and a baby, then a buggy board is a must for you. You will find that when your toddler starts walking, there is no stopping them and keeping them in the pushchair can be a real struggle. So instead of forking out for a double pushchair, add a buggy board to the back of your single one for when your toddler gets tired from walking or just for a bit of fun. It will help relieve their little legs but make them feel more grown-up!

7 Changing Bag

Wherever you and your baby goes so does your changing bag. They can become heavy and uncomfortable when carried on your shoulder, so look out for one that can easily attach to your pushchair. or be worn as a backpack. It's also important to include your partner in your choice of baby change bag as chance are, they may have to use it quite a bit too.

Photo by Habib Dadkhah on Unsplash

8 Organiser

A smaller version of your changing bag is an organiser, it can come in very handy for short walks of a quick dash to the shops. Just fill with a few necessities such as nappies, baby wipes and snacks and you are good to go. They also come with a handy cup holder where you can store your babies bottle or your drink for easy access.

9 Hand Muff

As the cold months are here, our hands can get a little cold. Hand Muffs are a great little add on to help keep mums and dads hands warm whilst pushing your bundles of joy, especially if you don't like to wear gloves. 

10 Hanging Toys

Hang some bright coloured toys, teddies or a mirror from the hood of your buggy to keep your baby entertained whilst out for a walk. Or as your child gets older books on stretchy ropes attached to the bumper bar can be great to help keep them occupied and be educational too.

I hope you've found this helpful and enjoy kitting your pushchair out to make it the perfect one for you.

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