Friday 16 October 2020

Feeling Grateful for Time, Photography and Flowers

Hello friends, I hope you’re well? I’ve been trying to write this R2BC post for days now and I keep running out of time but I’m now wondering if that was God’s intention, so I had to write it today. I have a terrible headache today and I just feel like I want to curl up in bed, but instead, there are things to be done - JJ to run to college and back, Miss M to collect from her friends later and dinner to be sorted, so making time to sit down and reflect on the things I am grateful for is just perfect.

Here is my grateful list for the last week or so -

1.  I have time to have a cup of tea alone and with my hubby.

2.  I've been Trying out new settings on my phone camera and really liked learning a little more. 

3.  Discovering the glass doors on my cooker can come apart for cleaning in between them. I had no idea! Why haven’t I known this for the last twenty years?

4.  Having a lovely walk and coffee with a friend by the beach the other day.

5.  Capturing beautiful cloud reflection pictures. They always make me smile!

6.  Having lunch with JJ last Sunday. It was a joy to spend a couple of hours with him chatting and putting the world to rights.

7.  A friend where we live cutting me some beautiful flowers.

8.  Having some wonderful meals with friends last week. My hubby and I ate out three times, it was like Christmas and I loved it!

There is so much to be grateful for and it’s important to acknowledge it and remember, especially when you have a headache so things are feeling tough. I’m now looking forward to an easy weekend, with not a lot going on and roll on half term.....

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