Monday 14 September 2015

What Does He See When He Looks At Me?

Just look at that picture. Is there anything as gorgeous as a child fully at rest, peacefully sleeping? It's all the more precious when that child is a live wire and you have had to coax and train her to be able to fall off to sleep without a fight.

Last week dh and I went out for the evening and when we got back I went in to check on each of the kids as I always do, but this time I stopped and really looked at Miss M and captured this picture. In that moment I remembered how important it is to focus on the good in a person, every person.

It goes without saying that I love Miss M, adore her in fact. She is so like me but that doesn't necessarily make things easy. It makes them harder if anything, as all those little traits I don't like about myself, well she has them too and all those rough edges I've been working on and smoothing out over the last few years since deepening my relationship with Christ, yep they are evident as well.

I haven't been writing about the trails we've been having with Miss M recently as they've just felt a little too personal but suffice to say it's been a hard six months. She pushes every boundary there is and often acts in a manner more associated with a teenager. We are coming across issues we never had to explore with JJ and he is four years older.

So amidst these trying times I think it is really important for me to look at Miss M and remember how much I love her and more importantly to think about all the wonderful characteristics she has and why I have every reason to like her, even when I don't like her actions.

I love (and like) Miss M because she is smart, because she puts her arm around me as we walk, because she is not afraid to hold my hand still in public, because she needs gentle coaxing to try something new, because she pretends she is so brave when really she isn't, because her smile can light up a room, because she helps her sister when something seems too tough for Miss E, because she wrinkles her nose when she is concentrating, because she always wants to be helpful, because she is super friendly and can put anyone at ease, because she welcomes everyone in, because she is so generous, because she has a unique sense of style and because she is not afraid of any boundary. This child is so fierce that one day she just might change the world for the better.

As I mused this topic some more I realised that my thoughts really fitted in with the talk our pastor gave last Sunday about each of us being a unique creation inspired by God. He reminded us how special each one of us is to our Lord and I got to wondering what does God see when He looks at me? I'm pretty sure He does not look at me and see a fat blond mum of three, whose legs need a shave and bathroom a clean. I'm 100% sure His perspective will be completely different to mine.

His perspective will be much more like the one I chose to adopt when I thought about Miss M the other night as I watched her sleep. Instead of seeing the naughty behaviour, the rolling eyes, the back chat, I saw the beautiful, generous soul inside and fell in love with her all over again.

That's a pretty amazing thought that each day God takes that positive perspective when He looks at me and He sees all the great things about me and He falls in love with me all over again. But of course it is not just me, He sees all the great things when He looks at you too. For He loves you just as much as He loves me, it might just be that you haven't come to know that yet but He is there waiting for whenever you feel ready. Just say the word.

I know lots of people reading this won't be Christian and don't share the same views as me but many people ask me what it means to be a Christian and how if affects the way I live. So I'm writing a series of posts to try and give more insight to what being a Christian means to me. I'd love to hear your thoughts,lively (but polite) debate is always encouraged.

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